Captain Cleanup and Captain Crappo!

05 Aug


I have been on a crusade against evil recently, well, not exactly evil, but chaos, well, untidiness anyway.

I have recycled tons of stuff- old newspapers, magazines, cv’s and a few scripts/stories and other junk, it has been a good old clean-out. The kitchen’s even had a clean, though my family are too lazy to clean up after themselves, I’m getting somewhere.

It reminded me of a play I was involved in back in Youth theatre- The ‘Adventures at Pickled Manor’, a series of workshops which should have led to a performance, but when the script finally got finished, the ‘leader’ disappeared and it all fell apart. I had been doing the mini-tour of Lord of the Flies, so was disappointed, especially as I had the lead role of Captain Crappo/Cleanup!

Nope, not kidding- that was what the character was called! He was a superhero/secret agent with amnesia, then Schizophrenic, then was like Hong Kong Phuey! It would have been a great role, had something come of it, but my recent tidymission has made me think I could develop it.

A quick google search dashed that hope though!

Captain Cleanup is an interesting eco-education site in Australia and one in Belfast, and I’ve discovered that there was a Captain Crapo in the 18th Century!


As funny as it sounds, the adventures of Pickle Manor doesn’t have a chance at revival anytime soon (well thank my lucky stars for that!) But the house is a bit cleaner anyway!





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