Oh my giddy Wampas, where did this come from?? There was some comment made by Ewan Macgregor saying he was going to have fun on his KENOBI series because there would be no blue/green screen and it would be like The Mandalorian sets. He seemed very enthused about it. Somehow, this set me off thinking how it could be a sitcom, so daft ideas all skewed together.

Don’t blame me for the theme though, that’s Tiglet’s department.

I wondered if I could improve on the first ‘Day in the life of OWK’ short, as there was no dialogue (as such)  That was an interesting experiment, but then, it’s all about trying different  things, varied ways of making stuff.


Anyhoo, there’s my take on Ewan’s comments, probably taken way out of context, but it’s only a bit of fun. There are a few more serious Obi Wan fan films out there, so check those out.

In the meantime- It’s time to do the Obi-Dab!!!


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There was one very significant change at the start of 2013, namely the fact that I figured out how to film on my camera. I wanted to do something different and this was one of a few things. My first two videos were of going to Victoria Park and up to Pex Hill. 600+ videos and the latest was on Saturday in Vicky Park in the rain!


By the Summer of 13 I had already been experimenting in various ways, mainly with photo-storytelling. An unexpected mishap, leaving the camera in a tent which then got soaked was disappointing. Thankfully, one of the other youth leaders on the camp, Richard let me have his old camera, which lasted til the end of last year.

With a variety of subjects, mostly either hiking/events or puppetry, I’ve picked up some useful skills, editing mainly, but it is always interesting to see what I can come up with next. Inverted and Going Coastal will be ongoing. Going Local in the Lockdown was unexpected, but I do have a local history project I’ve taken a couple of final shots of, so that will be up soon, even though I’m still working on May/June vids, I will catch up eventually!

And the most watched on Youtube itself were my Cavern Club videos of THE MONA LISA TWINS! 5K for the Hippy hippy Shake, wow, what a night that was- awesome!




PART 5- Tiglet arrives on the scene, and whatever happened to the Keystroke Killer?

There was another significant change to the start of 2012, the addition of a small hiking mascot.

After my pitch for a puppet-narrated short film got shot down in 2009, I hadn’t done much, but sometime in January/February 12 started taking Tiglet walking, but it wasn’t until May that Tig took over-

Of course a year later Tiglet got his own website and by then there were hikes/time travels/poems and all kinds of stories and shenanigans going on!

Almost simultaneously I began sharing my thoughts on THE KEYSTROKE KILLER proposed series on the Facebook fan page, a great amount of fun was had, though the series never happened, Dr. Mel made it into a novel instead.

And, after the Olympics, I decided to do my first Blogathon, counting down to 200 posts, writing something every day, what a ride!

And THAT was 2012! And the 974th post- 26 to go!

7 weeks and 48 days to go b4 the BIG ONE-OHH!!!



A STUDY IN SHERLOCK- A Decade on and the Game’s still on!

A STUDY IN SHERLOCK- A Decade on and the Game’s still on!

o-sherlock-series-2-set-to-premiere-in-2012Been binge-watching Sherlock on dvd over the last week, so it didn’t take me long to realise that it is actually another anniversary as it brought an updated version of The Great Detective to British TV since Jeremy Brett hung up his Deerstalker in the Granada series in the 1990’s.

This time I watched all four series and the Special along with extras on the DVD. It was quite a ride, especially knowing now that Eurus manipulated Moriarty all along. Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen it (and why not? Go watch it now!)

The Commentaries on the first two series are enlightening, as are Mark Gatiss Video Diaries and interviews with cast and crew. It is interesting to mull over what would have been different had it been a six part 60 minute series, rather than three 90 mins. Would The Speckled Blonde have worked on its own? Probably not. As Gatiss and Moffat say, most of the short stories are incredibly short, The Yellow Face is as short as most of what I’ve written. But maybe that’s the way forward for the Plantagenet stories, not complicated 2k+, but shorter, snappier flash fiction. Something to think about anyway.

So, here’s to the 10th Anniversary of Sherlock, hmm, maybe I should do a Pawlock special to mark the occasion? I still haven’t resolved the cliff-hanger from Series 2, so might be something to do over the Summer!

It might be worth mentioning though that the open-ended way it finished does leave room for other series or Specials, maybe give Eurus her own series maybe? ‘The East Wind’, there’s an intriquing title!

Sherlock the complete Series is out on DVD and Blue Ray now.

And I just found this too-


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DIVERSITY- does it really happen?

So, Head of BBC Lord Hall, made recent comments on diversity- I wrote to him five years ago and told him the BBC is not diversified enough. Doing a BAME exercise once in a while hasn’t changed anything and I feel this is yet another publicity stunt that will just blow over and see no real change, it hasn’t over the last 20 years, but I am hoping he will prove me wrong this time.

As someone from a ‘disadvantaged socio-economic background’ I have been trying to get something in the Media industry for over thirty years and have not made any progress in finding anything, even though I have applied for many jobs and written to lots of Commissioners/Controllers and Producers. I have lost count of the number of jobs I have applied for.

This lack of progress has been extremely frustrating, like bashing your brains out against a bureaucratic brick wall, especially the BBC. The only progress I have made is by making videos on Youtube, with over 627 in the last seven years.

I have to say that’s the problem- no opportunities for new writers and new ideas. Not just at the BBC, but throughout the entire TV/Film industry.

Indeed, during Lockdown I have been writing to TV/Film Producers/Agencies/Managers/Broadcasters and Writers. I have had two scripts out; one turned down, but am still making an effort.

That’s not to say there isn’t any Diversity in TV. Doctor Who, something I’ve been trying to write for since 1989, has taken a few steps in the right direction, ‘Rosa’ being one of the best episodes of the new series. Plus The Doctor’s been up North, out of London a few times, with a few non-stereotypical companions and there’s even been a Female Doctor, something I went on about a few years ago, even though Infinite Whoniverses and Dr. Rrr have both done it. I suppose now we just need Idris Elba or Patterson Joseph as the Doctor, I’d put Will Smith on the list, but his Agent never bothered replying to my email. So he misses out.

Anyhoo, that’s my penny’s-worth of thoughts on Diversity, or should that be Divergency? Been watching the Divergent trilogy, so thinking yeah, I don’t fit into any or their categories or Pigeonholes, an Eternal Goonie, The Outsider, but an Outside perspective is desperately needed, not just with the BBC, but the Media Industry as a whole.

So there’s my musings, what about you? What’s your experience of Diversity? (or lack of) Is it just another PR Spin, or will something actually change?


Oh, as an afterthought, someone made a collage of all the pre-Doctor/Timeless Child images from the finale of Series 12, with the BIG Revelation, as that is the most diverse range, I’ve included it, kudos to Chibby for making a head-spinning revelation- That’s the way to go!


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Some great moonshots, much better than with the old camera!





When it was sunny in April, I went back to the park for a little wander round The Woodland Walk and a few other areas. Since most people were still shell-shocked by the new Reality, it was relatively quiet and empty, very eerie for Vicky park in Spring.

The flowerbeds were nice and the usual wildfowl and avian suspects were by the lake and Woodland trail, but otherwise it was a quiet stroll. And it is the 626th video!

And that is 970th post, with 57/58 days to go b4 the big ONE-OH!


COUNTDOWN TO 10TH BLOGVERSARY 2010-2020 part 4- 2012- IAN’S Travelblog Adventures!

COUNTDOWN 10THArmed with a new camera, every weekend saw a new destination, a new walk or place to go to. Plus, I began documenting each one.  When  I was in the St. John’s Ramblers group in the early 90’s, the group leader, John wrote up an account for the Church magazine. In no way could I do a write up as good as he did, with such an eye for details that I completely missed, but the idea had been at the back of my head for a while, plus I needed something to blog about!

So for the first half of 2012 ITA dominated everything, although a couple of other ideas began to take shape as well. Those will be the subjects of another post though!



COUNTDOWN TO 10TH BLOGVERSARY 2010-2020- The Game’s A…???

COUNTDOWN 10THIt is now just TWO months to go before the BIG ONE-OH!

I’d forgotten about that, lost in the daze of Groundhog/lockdown day, the perpetual nightmare of the same old crappy feeling of getting nowhere and going round in circles especially in pitching to TV Broadcasters /agencies/producers and such.

Any hoo, the game’s a…. something! I don’t know, what would be the equivalent of The Game’s Afoot in the 99th Century? I did shout at Benedict Cumberbatch when Sherlock was first on TV and he said the game was ‘on’.

Is Sherlock ten years old, have I missed it? Typical. Watched Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies last week, also barrelling through Smallville, so might get round to seeing it again.

Anyway, another week another round of pitching, sending CV’s and applying for jobs- oh joy!

And yes, a few more Going Local walks, though I haven’t taken my new boots on a test drive yet, so I guess that might be something to look forward to.




Sunset from Pex Hill. I really wanted to do that for years, guess that’s another item off the list.

There might be another chance at getting a sunset in June, weather’s been a bit iffy lately, but hopefully it’ll pick up later in the week. Although it is looking quite sunny at the moment, darn, guess I should’ve gone out today. It’s a change not going out for Mid-Summers Day, but it’s been a nice change.

Anyhoo, that’s all for April, now it’s just May to catch up on, though that was mainly the Star Wars stuff I’ve done, but more on that another time!