This is the creative journey of Ian Cai Mercer, a philosophical flea on an Elephant’s back, looking for a magic feather to make his ears flap and take to the starry heavens.

What’s it really about?  It’s about the long haul, being ‘in it’ for the duration. Endurance is the name of the game.  Like climbing a hill or mountain, it’s packing the essentials, being kitted out properly, looking at probable outcomes and eventualities, planning ahead.

Writing is a Creative Journey, full of pitfalls as well as Infinite possibilities, that’s what makes it worthwhile.

That’s why I’m in the Game!



I am an imaginative, resourceful writer aiming to get one of my own series developed/commissioned and contribute to existing programmes.  I have written for a variety of genres.  My main interests are Fantasy/SF and Thrillers.


¨      Certificates in Writing for TV and Radio- 2007, SF and Fantasy- 2001, Poetry- 2002 and Desktop Publishing- 2005.

¨      First Take’s ‘Idea to Script’ course- 2009 / NET course- 2010

¨      Storytelling for Video Games-2009

¨      12 reviews, 15 Features, 14 short stories for St. Johns Magazine- 1995-2000

¨      18 features/reviews for Liverpool Student Newspaper- 2002-2007

¨      Presented 37 shows for 4 community/ Student radio stations.

¨      Background Extra on Hollyoaks/Courtroom/Brookside/Grange Hill/The Forsyte Saga/In his life-the John Lennon film.

¨      Part of Halton Youth Theatre in 1992 and performed ‘Lord of the Flies’ acrossNorth West.

¨      St. Johns Drama group 1989-1996, I took over leadership in 1994.

¨      Committee member for University of Liverpool Film Society-2002


If Blondes Ruled the World- 2005/2009 (Contemporary Sitcom)

Hazel Bundy has the same last name as a Serial Killer.  She’s also a student madly in love and way behind on her coursework.

Napoleon- Fellow Travellers- 2007 (Thriller)

A Serial Killer kidnaps and murders a busload of people.  The single survivor, Napoleon swears revenge.

Homeguard- For Queen and Country- 2008 (Action Thriller)

A new Intelligence group is formed to trace the assassin of the Prime Minister.

The Infinity Chronicles 1- Rebirth- 2008 (Science Fiction Drama Serial)

For 60,000 years the Intergalactic Confederation has existed, now the end is coming for an empire spanning a Billion light years and trillions of beings.

Shakespeare’s Squad- Trouble with the Neighbours- 2008 (Crime Drama)

DC Shauna Shakespeare leads an Armed Unit as they shut down an illegal brothel.

The Second Reformation- 2008 (Thriller)

A Vicar discovers a document reputedly written by Jesus and must guard it from an apocalyptic cult.

The Youthie- 2009 (Teen Comedy/Drama)

Teen drama set in an old pub where hell is let loose every Friday night.

SF/Fantasy Theatre- Starcrossed In Andromeda (R+J) (cross-genre) – 2009

Anthology series.  Comedies, tragedies, mysteries.  Radical re-interpretations of classics and original dramas to captivate and enrich audiences of the twenty-first century, beginning with a futuristic adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Storm Sisters- Chariettes of the Goddess- 2009 (Teen Fantasy Drama)

April is annoyed, well, so would you be if you were an immortal Angel stuck in the body of a stroppy 15-year-old girl.

Visitations- Ripper Unleashed- 2010 (Fantasy Horror/Thriller)

The Ripper returns and begins slaughtering students in Liverpool.

In The Darkest Hour- Current Project (SF Drama)

The Black Legions unleash the Fenrias Horde.  Sir Ghallavan of the Torion Alliance quests to find the Great High King and save the galaxy in its darkest hour.


The Ripper Hunters- 2008 (Historical Thriller)

Hunters track Jack the Ripper through the streets of London.

Making the Grade- 2008 (Comedy/Drama)

A Writer tries to sell his first play to several Producers.

Murder Most Peculiar- 2008 (Historical Crime Drama)

A Murder mystery set in a French Hotel at the beginning of the First World War.

For the Glory of the Empire- Current Project (SF Drama)

In the 75th Century, the NeoRoman Imperium makes First Contact with the mighty Z’Romian Empire and prepares for war.


As well as completing the above projects, I have also been expanding some ideas into other media- Graphic Novels/Short stories/ Games and Novelisations.

I have written spec scripts for Hollyoaks and Doctors TV Programmes.   I have completed a New Emerging Technologies course and have over a dozen new skills- Digital Photography, using a Mac, WordPress for my blog, Final cut Pro, Garage Band, Iphoto, Flickr, uploading video to Vimeo.

I am hardworking, ambitious, extremely prolific, highly motivated and willing to learn new ideas, skills and techniques in order to improve myself and my writing.  I am Currently adapting two scripts to pitch to The Keystroke Killer TV show.

Ian Cai Mercer- 16-04-2011 – Updated 10-03-2012


4 responses to “About/CV

  1. iancaimercer

    August 24, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Getting some perspective, inspiration and making sense of of life. These are the voyages of the CSC Mercer, his continuing mission: as above and more.

  2. diebooth

    June 23, 2011 at 9:15 am

    You’ve done such a lot, what a back catalogue! -Die

    • iancaimercer

      July 3, 2011 at 1:22 am

      Thanks Die, all that’s just First Drafts mainly, keep changing things, bit annoying printing things off half a dozen times!!

  3. Jane Dougherty

    October 14, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Blimey! With all that under your belt you deserve success!


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