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ROBOTS OF DOOM didn’t get finished for the 55th Anniversary, so I’m putting it up as The Christmas Special, either Xmas or Boxing day, not sure which.

I know I’ve had a moan about the false numbering thing (JW is 15th Doctor, NOT 13th!!) and said BBC hasn’t made much of a bother with the 55th Anniversary, but the 11th Season itself was actually pretty good.

ROSA is the stand-out story, but I’ll be doing a full review a bit later on, but for now I’m planning ahead to the 60th Anniversary in 2023. INFINITE WHONIVERSES is moving forward, series 6 I am already nicknaming ‘The Season of the Daleks’ because of the dozen factions from Alternate WHOniverses vying for supremacy.

So, a lot to look forward to- in the meantime, here’s the very first post from IW in 2014-

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Xmas Blogathon 2018/2019- A Midwinter challenge

Xmas Blogathon 2018/2019- A Midwinter challenge

In the bleak mid-winter- we’re off to the Blogging Olympics!


I didn’t complete Nano again, made a lukewarm half-hearted attempt, but after four years of trying, it’s still not happening. Yes, I tried adapting Tiglet’s Time Travels, expanding 17k words into 50k, but with multiple viewpoints/styles it’s an exercise in mind-bending discombobulation of the First-kind, or should that be Third-kind? Dunno, Anyway, with 27 more posts to go before 800, I’m going to have a little Blogathon, just like in 2012 after the Olympics. That was epic- trying to find something to write about every day. I’ve got two dozen things I’ve started, so maybe it’s about time a few got finished.

There are book reviews, Doctor Who and Star Wars-related posts and a few other things.

So here we go- Counting down to the 800th Post.

Hold on tight now!




So I’ve not been blogging about much lately, think that should change- one thing I have been focusing on is a new CV/Resume, using LinkedIn as the template- So here’s what I put about ITA/TVP-

Travel and Event photography and videography. I have built up a diverse portfolio over seven years. Began with Hiking/outdoors and Nature photography and expanded to include a variety of events/exhibitions/Comic Cons/Wildlife and Urban cityscapes. Currently working on Christmas lights/Winterscapes 2 projects.

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So there you go, a bit of an update!


Anything can happen Tuesday- paper monkeys by Jess

YES, I know it is Wednesday night by now, but I did start this Tuesday night!

Thanks Jess!!!




Mr. Tiglet's Blog


Well, it’s a week later than planned, but In true Blue Peter-style, here’s a rant I wrote earlier in the year-

Regeneration 101- the 15 Faces of Doctor Who

“My Successor? It could even be a Woman. There’s no reason why The Doctor should always be a Man”

Tom Baker on his ‘retirement’ from the role of Doctor Who.

(Quoted from Regeneration- The Mystery of Ages. The Time Travellers Guide by Peter Haining. 1987. (1995 edition))

15 drs numbered properly

With the release of Series 11(Season 37), I thought it was about time I updated DRG2TW, with something that’s been annoying me for some time- how everyone has gotten something fundamentally wrong.

Just thought I’d mention that I can do basic mathematics- One bean plus two beans makes three beans. Sounds a bit like Baldrick from Blackadder- one bean plus two beans are some beans!

It seems that…

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There will be a brief Interregnum…

As the 1st Minister said in The Ark in Space!

I guess there has been, since Part 3 of Dr. Who’s 55th Anniversary hasn’t been posted yet and the Robot of Doom story isn’t finished, but that’s life right? Always something cropping up. Last weekend was also 15 years since my mum passed away and I was sick on Monday morning, feeling iffy and woozy, so not a great way to start the week, but we shall persevere, at some point!




For the second part, I thought I’d talk about my experiences with fandom, especially trying to get stories/articles published/commissioned or made in some form or Other.

I’ve already written how Infinite Whoniverses came about, pitching Triumph of the Daleks to the BBC, Virgin books/BBC Books, Big Finish etc in the 90’s and getting nowhere fast.

About 2011 I began reading Jigsaw Publications The Doctor Who Project and pitched a few ideas to them. THE CHILDREN OF CHAOS storyline was accepted and would have been part of Season 38, had I completed the story, but I didn’t. Life, work and not much free time conspired againast me, along with a lack of organisation too. I did write reviews for the first two seasons of stories, but the editor told me they were too short. The few up on their reviews section were like essays and one even gave away a plot twist- a no-no if ever there was. Reviews should be short, succinct and to the point, not long-winded rambling essays that give away plot points or even the ending or even whitewash it, which I’ve noticed Doctor Who Magazine does now. Anyway, I left it, but one thing that did get published on the sister site Whotopia was my City of Death review (page53) part of the ‘Top 25 stories of all time’ section of the 50th Anniversary Special. While I didn’t agree with all of the selections (Midnight is SO overrated!) there are a few crackers in there, and yes I do wish I’d have done the Robots of Death review, but I have a new idea to blog about it, hopefully before Xmas! The fact that most of the readers who voted only watched since the 2005 reboot was a big factor. I’ve been watching the show since Season 17- 1979- Destiny of the Daleks onwards, so of course I’d favour most classic stories over new anyway.


So, here’s my copy of the issue, along with a link to WHOtopia-

2013 Summer Special