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Welcome to Anything can happen 2017!

Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. A Fresh Start, a New Beginning, the slate wiped clean.keep-calm-because-anything-can-happen-1

To start with- I went to the shop and bought some wellies. I think my subconscious might be trying to tell me something- that was an impulse buy. Maybe my little jaunt round Talacre taught me to be more prepared than I already usually am for whatever eventualities may occur. It looks like it’ll be an epic five-part video anyway, plus I haven’t updated the five year anniversary like I thought I would.

Another thing I am planning in advance is Dr. Rrr! Series 2. In amongst the tidying and sorting I have not watched much this Christmas. (Really? How about Deep Space 9 series 7, or Brave or Thunderbolt Fantasy, or Doctor Who- The Return of Doctor Mysterio/Hell Bent/Spearhead from space, or Yuri on Ice finale (yes, really!) or even last episode of series 6 of Game of Thrones, what a revelation at the end!)

Okay, I might have watched a few things, but nothing really Christmassy, unless you count Nativity 3 in school or Cinderella in New Brighton, but that was before Term ended. Rogue One doesn’t count as an Xmas film, but saw it twice, the second time enjoyed it a bit more, but definitely more darker than others, about same as ep 3 I expect, but the prequels don’t really count anyway, in my opinion.

So there we go, anything can happen now I’ve got some wellies. It’s like when Ford Prefect tells Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that the only thing he needs to survive is a towel, so I guess that’s next on my shopping list.

For now though, I’m eating my first pizza of 2017 and watching the New Sherlock- now there’s an epic combo if ever there was one.

Happy 2017- Get ready and keep your wellies handy, ‘cos anything can Happen!!



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Another 12 Reviews of Christmas- 2- The Snowman Special Edition DVD

I did a review of the storybook and audio version last December in the original 12 Reviews of Christmas (See Dec 011)

snowmanThe Snowman was always a favourite part of Christmas as a child in the ‘80’s.

The TV version, complete with ‘Walking in the Air’ seemed to be on every year.  So when I saw the 20th Anniversary Edition, I went and bought it, though THIS year it’s now the 30th Anniversary.  Still hasn’t lost any of its charm though.

With a fun intro off Santa, the Credits bring in the rolling snow-covered hills to the house of the boy, James, accompanied by the piano score.  He wakes, excited to see all the snow and gets dressed, playing out, then building the Snowman, decorating him with bits and an old scarf and hat, making the Snowman a Dedicated Follower of Fashion (oh yes he is!)

Once completed, he cannot sleep. (Could you when you were 8 on Christmas Eve?) and gets up at Midnight, at which point the Snowman comes magically to life.  James invites him inside and shows him round, then they go on a Motorbike ride, scaring the wildlife, the Snowman cools off in a freezer, then they take a few strides and go flying off into the sky.

At that point, the piano-led orchestration launches into ‘Walking in the Air’, the theme made into a pop song sung by Aled Jones on Top of the Pops, but originally by Peter Auty.  The scenery rolls past in a kaleidoscopic array, all the way to the North Pole where they meet Santa hosting a party for Snowmen!  Santa gives James a gift of a blue scarf with Snowmen on, then the Snowman takes him back home, James going to bed as the snowman stands outside.

On Christmas Day, with the sun shining, James rushes out only to find that the Snowman has melted.  He kneels down, the blue scarf a reminder of the adventure they shared.  A very sad, bittersweet ending.

The extra features include an animatic sequence, an Alternate intro with David Bowie, storyboards and Snowbusiness- the Story of The Snowman, a charming and informative documentary on how the original story was conceived and the process of adapting it for TV.  A great addition, making the Anniversary a little bit more magical.



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