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Autumn 2015- sort of, because it’s now Winter 2017!

autumn2015I went back to University last year, just on the Open Day to ask if there were any plans to actually print the Autumn 2015 Anthology. Next thing I know, it’s been taken off the website!

Anyway, it’s back online now. I think the funding for a print version fell through which was why it was put online in the first place. Even though the University has its own Publishing House.

My short story ‘A Riot in the Library’ is part of a collection of mainly poetry, and can be found on Pages 57-62. Though I wish I’d have written something better for the biographical section! Though looking back it seems the Editor copied it from one of my CV’s! Oh well, never mind Seamus!

Have to say I didn’t initially like the two-column layout at first, but think it’s grown on me.

Think there might be more life to the adventures of Sammy the Squirrel and Pat the Polar Bear, just have to wait and see won’t we boys and girls?!!


Autumn 2015– Edited by Seamus May

Short Stories by- Clare O’Conner/Michelle Roberts/Cath Bore

And Ian Cai Mercer

Poetry by-

Sean Street/Edward McCann/Joseph Roche/Dana Gioia/Julian May/Kayo Chingonyi/Jane Draycott/Andrew J. Newell/Kenneth Steven/Tom Pickard/Joel Pearce/Jordan Dobbins/Daisy March April May and Alison Brackenbury.

Now it’s just a case of seeing if the University will publish something else in the not-too distant future.

And here’s the link again to Inquisition, just in case you missed it the first or even second time!

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Do not fear! Zauria the Time Protector has arrived!!

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Now this was a view, though he had to hang on as the winds buffeted him about.  Not even Humans were allowed up here, so the solitude suited his mood as he grappled with options.  Ever since Christmas Day, when Skuur, a Thundrian called Thornor and the Rachnoidion Akiiliss had told him of the threat of the Unalive and the Black Armada and that The Albino, some legendary figure had figured out he was the one Brother Caifael’s Prophecy was about, he’d rejected the idea and not wanted to get involved.  Now it looked as if he would have to, just to get his son back.

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