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INFINITE WHONIVERSES- The Final Adventure of 2014!

The 171st Post on Tiglets blog! The Last story of 2014!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

IW- last of the timeladies Cover 2

This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses- Last of the TimeLadies has taken ages to complete.

It began about five months ago after Rachel and Dave’s wedding and seeing their pictures from their visit to the Doctor Who exhibition at Cardiff. There’s also a picture of Rachel with Davros, but I preferred this one. I didn’t make it to their Reception as I had to go to Pete Swans  on the Wirral. I am seriously looking forward to the day when I can clone myself and be in two places at once. I mean, if the Sontarans, Kaminoans and Michael Keaton can do it, why can’t I??

It was supposed to be a simple tale to introduce and kick off the Female Doctor storyline, but over four months I kept adding ideas, the biggest one being locating it to a Sanctuary system roughly at the same time as The Guardians of Zyonia…

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Infinite Whoniverses- DR. RRR! – The Battle of Five Monsters

Time travelling has never been so much fun! With Dr. Rrrr!

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IW Dr Rr- Battle of 5 Monsters

It’s been a while since sheer Muppetry appeared, after Puppet Les Miserables never materialised and Puppet Bugsy Malone didn’t seem feasible, guess I had to fall back onto something else, well here it is- Puppet Who-


Here it is- the 4th adventure for Infinite Whoniverses(or 11th if you count the individual episodes of Triumph of the Daleks, all seven!)


Time Travelling has never been so much fun!

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The Novella version!

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IW TOTD NOVELLA POSTERHere’s something I’ve never done before- All 7 episodes of Triumph of the Daleks edited, revised and slightly expanded as a Novella, just under 14k words!!

Something I’ve wanted to do for ages, which I nearly did for The Doctor Who Project with a story which would have had the pivotal scene with Tom and Val kissing, but since I dropped out of that, didn’t get to show it, ah well, getting this done instead more than makes up for it.

I added and Afterword and gave it a front and back cover, making it rather unique for me!


So, enjoy the New Adventures of the STARDIS crew and coming up will be other tales from other universes and something I’d never thought I’d do- oh yes, the Pirateez crew are coming back for one last adventure on the JollyJammieDodgerRoger!!


Ian Cai…

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Infinite Whoniverses- Triumph of the Daleks- episode 7

The end of the TimeDaleks and a new quest awaits in the finale to IW!

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The end of the TimeDaleks is nigh! The end of the TimeDaleks is nigh!

The epic is over, though a NEW series is just beginning! After 25 years I’ve finally finished a story I’ve wanted to do, though the details have changed.  Here it is- The Twilight of the Daleks!


And here’s the poster Trailer I forgot to do yesterday!

IW- The final showdown!

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Infinite Whoniverses- Episode 6!

the new episode!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

Invaders from another universe!

A bit later than advertised- sorry!

Tension mounts as The Black Armada enter the fray! Have the TimeDaleks met their match??


IW- police public call box

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Happy 4th Bloggerversary!

Ian's Museum of Very Interesting things!

Ian’s Museum of Very Interesting things!

 Okay, one week to go ‘til Summers over and Term begins. Where have the holidays gone again? I swear there’s some kind of Time Dilation effect that begins in July, Time does literally disappear into a Bermuda triangle, in a very X-Filish kind- of way.

So Puppet Les Mis is making snail-like progress, but at Holiday Club made a small set and the kids used Plasticine figures to make up stories, so I’m carrying that on and making it The Museum of Very Interesting Things, so expect something soon.

 TTW Poster 1

In the meantime I have made a bit of progress on the sequel to Tiglet’s Time Travels.

So here is the very first teaser Poster for another amazing adventure coming in 2015!


Happy 4TH Bloggerversary everybody!!!



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The Last Episode!!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

For our every choice creates ripples throughout eternity, turning the tide, changing your destiny. From old unto New.”

Z’Kindra’atha T5 EP 1- Reunification

“Cause I am A CHAMPION, and you’re gonna hear me ROAR!!!.”

Katy Perry ‘ROAR!’- Prism



Stalingrad, 1944, a city in ruins as both Russian and German forces fought each other relentlessly. Neither side were prepared when a massive tank-like machine appeared out of nowhere, black as the darkest coal mine, its turret twinkling with coloured lights like a Christmas tree, its armour impenetrable to bullets and grenades.

Then to make it even stranger, a Dinosaur-like creature also appeared, firing a laser that did not do any good either.

‘Oh, by gosh, golly and gumdrop buttons!’ She exclaimed, vanishing into thin air.

DSCF0561The Tank machine turned its attention to the German line, but Zauria returned, hefting a rocket launcher-type weapon.

‘Right then…

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