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Autumn 2015- sort of, because it’s now Winter 2017!

autumn2015I went back to University last year, just on the Open Day to ask if there were any plans to actually print the Autumn 2015 Anthology. Next thing I know, it’s been taken off the website!

Anyway, it’s back online now. I think the funding for a print version fell through which was why it was put online in the first place. Even though the University has its own Publishing House.

My short story ‘A Riot in the Library’ is part of a collection of mainly poetry, and can be found on Pages 57-62. Though I wish I’d have written something better for the biographical section! Though looking back it seems the Editor copied it from one of my CV’s! Oh well, never mind Seamus!

Have to say I didn’t initially like the two-column layout at first, but think it’s grown on me.

Think there might be more life to the adventures of Sammy the Squirrel and Pat the Polar Bear, just have to wait and see won’t we boys and girls?!!


Autumn 2015– Edited by Seamus May

Short Stories by- Clare O’Conner/Michelle Roberts/Cath Bore

And Ian Cai Mercer

Poetry by-

Sean Street/Edward McCann/Joseph Roche/Dana Gioia/Julian May/Kayo Chingonyi/Jane Draycott/Andrew J. Newell/Kenneth Steven/Tom Pickard/Joel Pearce/Jordan Dobbins/Daisy March April May and Alison Brackenbury.

Now it’s just a case of seeing if the University will publish something else in the not-too distant future.

And here’s the link again to Inquisition, just in case you missed it the first or even second time!

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Welcome to Anything can happen 2017!

Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. A Fresh Start, a New Beginning, the slate wiped clean.keep-calm-because-anything-can-happen-1

To start with- I went to the shop and bought some wellies. I think my subconscious might be trying to tell me something- that was an impulse buy. Maybe my little jaunt round Talacre taught me to be more prepared than I already usually am for whatever eventualities may occur. It looks like it’ll be an epic five-part video anyway, plus I haven’t updated the five year anniversary like I thought I would.

Another thing I am planning in advance is Dr. Rrr! Series 2. In amongst the tidying and sorting I have not watched much this Christmas. (Really? How about Deep Space 9 series 7, or Brave or Thunderbolt Fantasy, or Doctor Who- The Return of Doctor Mysterio/Hell Bent/Spearhead from space, or Yuri on Ice finale (yes, really!) or even last episode of series 6 of Game of Thrones, what a revelation at the end!)

Okay, I might have watched a few things, but nothing really Christmassy, unless you count Nativity 3 in school or Cinderella in New Brighton, but that was before Term ended. Rogue One doesn’t count as an Xmas film, but saw it twice, the second time enjoyed it a bit more, but definitely more darker than others, about same as ep 3 I expect, but the prequels don’t really count anyway, in my opinion.

So there we go, anything can happen now I’ve got some wellies. It’s like when Ford Prefect tells Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that the only thing he needs to survive is a towel, so I guess that’s next on my shopping list.

For now though, I’m eating my first pizza of 2017 and watching the New Sherlock- now there’s an epic combo if ever there was one.

Happy 2017- Get ready and keep your wellies handy, ‘cos anything can Happen!!



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Tiglet’s Monkey-ing around for the Chinese Lantern Festival

More Tigcraft for Chinese New Year!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

DSCF0005To make a change from playing Dynasty Warriors 2 and 3 on the PS2, we’ve been making CNY crafts, a Dragon banner, a dragon streamer a monkey mask and Paper Lanterns too!

Okay, Mrs. Tiglet told me to pay attention to the instructions, so I did, but so intent that I forgot to colour in the Dragon- DOH!

So I coloured in the Tiger nice and proper, though you make it a green Tiger if you like, go on, just do it!

Unfortunately, we were so focused that we forgot to go into Liverpool and to The Blackie for the Lantern fest hosted by China Pearl- A massive Doh!   So sad we didn’t get to play a fantastic game of Chinese Chess (Xiangqi- ‘zeong kei’), do the flash mob dance or see Tai Chi or the Tea Ceremony. But we did video our Tigcraft episode!

But, we have been introduced…

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ITA- The River Dee

So, the Anniversary video has been completed and uploaded to my Youtube channel, took me blinkin’ long enough!

Five years since I began the main blog and three and a half years since I began Travel blogging,

I even used The Mona Lisa Twins version of ‘These Boots are made for Walking’ as the theme, along with shots of my boots along the Sandstone Trail, Rhyl beach and paths


Then one of the first pictures from Corwen in Wales, looking over Caer Drewyn from Pen-Y-Pig.

Next is a clip from the trailer to Pirateez, the short serial I devised in 2013. There had been a Professional Storyteller in School, Richard O’Neil, leading a storytelling fortnight. I vaguely recall him saying something along the lines of stories are everywhere, you just have to use whatever’s at hand. What was at hand were Pirate figures and when I got home I found my Nephew’s Pirate ship and a pop-up pirate figure, so locked myself in the bathroom for an afternoon and shot the photos for all six stories. I had made a half-hearted attempt at photo-storytelling for the First Series of Tiglet’s Time Travels and was preparing ideas for Series 2, but this was unprecedented and led to an explosion of creativity, including my first hiking videos at Half-Term.

Next is a recent scene of going over the River Weaver at Sunrise.

One of the very best things that I have ever filmed was the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic in Liverpool. (Oh yes, I noticed quite a few things shot in Liverpool or Chester on this New trailer!) Catching the flyby of the Spitfire and the Hurricane was an awesome moment, one of my best shots ever. You have to appreciate the irony, because I been over at Camell Laird on board the HMS Edinburgh not half an hour earlier, so getting from there to Pierhead, which was extremely packed and then finding a brilliant vantage point was pretty brilliant, even for me.

ITA- eagle2

While you could say that was more luck than skill, seeing and getting some an epic shot of Birds of Prey at the edge of Delamere Forest just outside of the village of Kingsley was a dynamic combination of both.

It had been a brief encounter on the fifth of August, but getting back on the eighth made it so much better, though there were issues around focussing and the pan and zoom, but I managed to stay with all three birds, which I am now convinced are Peregrine Falcons not Eagles! So this is the first of two clips following them.

A picture from the Queens Diamond Jubilee in Widnes follows, then a ferry across the Mersey at Sunset in January 2014.

If the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic was the Best Film of 2013, then the Giants in Liverpool are top contenders for the best of 2014. This short clip shows Grandma and the efforts of the crew making her walk. Now that is the kind of puppeteering on a Harryhausen scale that I’d love to do!

New Brighton, on the Wirral peninsula, is another great place to go. I’ve been in the sunshine and the rain, but not in the snow, well, not yet anyway!

I think it is the fact that I tagged it as Deadly 60 that the Scorpion vs Tarantula video is my most popular video, with over 2k views. It’s bizarre, well, at least to me, that doing something to keep the Nephew’s entertained on Christmas Day turns out be the most watched video, out of the nearly-two hundred I’ve made. Well bizarre. But then entertaining my Nephew’s is my main motivation for most of what I make anyway!

The Duke of Alexander is a ship beached at Mostyn Docks in between Greenfield and Mostyn on the Welsh side of the River Dee.

Pex Hill is a good, local hike and I’ve been up there many times. It was the very first I videoblogged in 2013, having been up and taken pictures in 2012.

I don’t know why the sight of a rope turned a bunch of youth workers into wanna-be Tarzans, but my half-hearted attempt (More like LAME!) has its own entertainment value, I think!

Note- Bobbie Wright went onto represent Great Britain in the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2015. He only went and won a GOLD MEDAL!!!

Pontcysyllte Aquaduct was the first shot of 2012, which is when I went a bit mad on hiking photos, especially in the summer. I think I took a record 350 in two days on the Bridgewater Canal Megahike from Runcorn all the way to Manchester! What a record!

Triumph of the Daleks is a story I’ve wanted to do for a long time. September 2014 I finally completed it, sharing it in PDF format on Tiglets story site, which means Infinite Whoniverse is now a year old! Yet another significant achievement!

At Rhyl Marine Lake, there’s a whole section on the different kinds of Crabs and, just like at West Kirby Marine Lake, someone was happy to show me what they had caught, looking like some kind of Doctor-Who like monster in the murk!


Speaking of Doctor Who, while at Mersey Comic Con, I bumped into Comic book legend Tim Quinn who enthused about his comic strips and several bands, inviting me to go down to the Cavern Club, somewhere I hadn’t been in years. The Mona Lisa Twins were the first band I saw In July, a whole month after hearing about them, Can’t buy me love is the second track featured.

One of the best things about Facebook is the way you can get invited to events and so a BBQ at Ignite saw me trekking round Hale Head and getting a burger at the end, not very often that happens on a hike, I can tell you that!

The boat had a hole in the bottom anyway, so couldn’t have sailed that down the Mersey, even if I wanted to!

Oh dear- the Tiggletime stories. Well, erm, what can I say? Sorry? It was some kind of misguided attempt to do some kind of Children’s picture-book storytelling, but seemed more miss than hit! The Chocolate Killer was a poem I had performed at Chester Literature Festival in 2011 and using the Cluedo board seemed a perfect fit. I only made five of those videos and still unsure whether to try it again, ah well.

You know sometimes you think that you’ve bitten off way more than you can chew? I am starting to think that maybe the case with Star trek Preservation – My fanfilm trailers following the Timeship Enterprise. I’ve made two trailers and begun planning a third for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary next year, but can’t seem to get anyone interested. I’ve pitched it to CBS, Paramount, Renegades and shared it on every Star Trek group on Facebook, but got zip interest in it.

Maybe the answer lies in the Dark side of the Force!

I thought I was going dizzy when I spotted two Darth Vader’s while queuing up for Mersey Comic Con, held at the University of Liverpool, a place I hung around for a while a few years ago or so.

It was such an amazing and memorable day and I can’t wait for the second one coming this November!!


Moel Famau, snow-capped as seen from Chester gets a brief view before I revisit the Giants with the Dog and Girl.ITA- memories of 1914- the girl


Infinite Whoniverses- Series 3 promo- I’m already thinking of Series 4, so doing some big foreshadowing in the last two episodes- And heading for one doozy of a cliff-hanger ending, something I haven’t done before for IW.

The Wedding video of Pete and Dorcas Swann at Leasowe Lighthouse July 14- I’d been invited to two weddings, both of them on the SAME day! I went to Rachel’s in Chester in the Afternoon, then zoomed up to New Brighton and walked up to the Lighthouse for Pete’s Reception.


The Solar Eclipse- Almost missed it, it was very quick, but got a great shot, of a smiling Sun!

The Woozie Wonderland with Rudolph the red-nosed-Reindeer. Oh dear- another Christmas video, trying to do an Elvis/DJ voice and failing miserably! Using a Christmas stocking as a puppet wasn’t my best idea, well, wasn’t worst anyway, not by a long shot!

Which brings me to the Grumpy Cats- Two hecklers/moaners like Waldorf and Statler from the original Muppet show- I can’t say they worked that well, but the Tiglet Show was an experiment, and that’s all I have to say about that! (As Forest Gump used to say!)

2015 has brought many brilliant shots, one of my favourites being the Birds of Prey I spotted at the edge of Delamere at the beginning of August. I wasn’t quite quick enough with my camera on the fifth, so went back on the eighth and oh, boy! Did I get some fantastic footage! It made the Pain of getting my legs lacerated to ribbons by the Field of Hell at Newton worthwhile (Must share that vid- just as a warning to other hikers!)

I made a story trailer for the original Youtube channel trailer in summer 2013, and last year began a second trailer, this very fast clip shows several posters/covers for a number of stories- Tiglet’s Time Travels Series 5/Tiggletime- the Parachute Monster/the Guardians of Zyonia/Ewan the Supersheep and Superthunderman’s Adventures in Partyland- a short stop-motion film made in Holiday club 2013.

Lining up to get aboard the HMS Edinburgh, not a bad shot, even if I do say so myself!

Ignite Pancake Party- oh dear, should have gone for a second take on that one, the smoke alarm going off didn’t help either.

Mr Tiglet getting drenched for the Ice Bucket Challenge- oh dear me!

While Mersey Comic Con was my First Comic book convention, the Big Geek Meet in Liverpool I wasn’t sure of, but ended up gravitating towards the Doctor Who Cosplayers and was just such fun!

I’ve lost track of the laps I’ve made of the Roman Walls of Chester. This was the end of a particularly zany day and my commentary on the shenanigans of the Seagulls reflects that.


Infinite Whoniverses- Last of the Timeladies- Enemies of the Timeladies is a short film made in March, an interesting experiment, which made great use of sound effects, the space battle is between the Alliance and Centuroid Armada.

Which leads into my favourite set from the Mona Lisa Twins, Johnny B Goode, a classic Chuck Berry track gets a fantastic treatment, even better than Marty McFly in Back to the Future!

STOP THE PRESS- hot off the editing suite, the first glimpse of the Timeship Enterprise! Now I’ve got to do something more, no choice now.

The Grumpy Cats say goodbye in their own imitable style- cracking a joke at Tiglet’s expense!


Then it all ends with a Sunset, one of the many I’ve taken over the past few years

So there we go, off on another Hiking Adventure, doing some Creative filmmaking and storytelling along the way.


What these clips represent are Milestones on the Journey, there are more to come, just not sure how to develop a few. Like developing The Tiglet Show- I think I am finally ready to launch the sequel to Tiglet’s Time Travels this Autumn. Now that might be interesting!




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Mona Lisa Twins @ The Cavern Club, Liverpool- 08/08/2015

MONA LISA TWINS 2 COVERBeatlemania is the order of the day as I’m getting into my 60’s stride- Surfin’ USA in L1!

I know that’s the Beach Boys, as featured on their Greatest Hits LP, but the Mona Lisa Twins have played their songs too!

The air-conditioning was on this time, a month after my first descent into the depths of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, good job too as finding a place to park and film wasn’t easy, especially with tall people stood at the front! Nevertheless, I made do, must ask Mr. Q if he has got anything from his Spidey days I could use to shimmy up the walls in future.

Johnny B Goode was another favourite, an excellent performance, especially Lisa’s instrumental break/solo- her fingers danced along the guitar. I couldn’t help think what if she did a Marty McFly and go off on a Van Halen tangent? (As featured in Back to the Future) but she didn’t do that.

Ian and the Swingin’ Blue Jeans may sound like a band from some bizarre Alternate Universe, but James taking Lead vocals for Hippy Hippy Shake was good, though my camera-shaking-a-la-JJ Abrams/Star Trek style may have been a bit much!

This Boy was a brilliant rendition of one of my Favourite Beatles tracks (along with Yellow Submarine/She’s got a Ticket to Ride/Nowhere Man and so on)

People are Strange was another stand out- especially when the ladies stepped back and gave the boys- James and Jake a chance to do a Drum N’ Bass solo.

So, I made six mini-videos of the last set, Revolution being another mini-one and other excerpts cobbled together because my wrist was aching!

So another brilliant night off the Mona Lisa Twins, though they went and played Make Me Smile with Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebels on Sunday in front of 10k people, which is funny when you consider there was only a couple of hundred in the Cavern.

So, what’s next? Well, I’ve yet to see The Shakers, but I’m looking forward to International Beatle Week at the end of the month. Goodness gracious me, where’s the Summer gone to already??


MLT can be found at-

and on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Details of International Beatles Week and performing bands at the Cavern-

My Videos-




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Mona Lisa Twins @ The Cavern Club, Liverpool

MLT CoverLiverpool is the place where it’s all happening this summer, well, if you like music by and inspired by The Beatles that is!



I first heard of MLT from their manager Tim Quinn at Mersey Comic Con, but as usual took ages to get myself organised and down into the depths of Moria, Sorry- Matthew Street and into the hot, scorching, furnace of the CAVERN CLUB!!

It was a great night, the first act was a guy called Ronny who performed an acoustic version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody- a very interesting interpretation. He also did Imagine and Wonderwall.

It was tough to find a seat; I parked myself on the floor with a pint until some kind person passed a stool to sit on. And it was off to one side, which wasn’t the best angle, but I made do.

Tim stood in the way while they were playing ‘Can’t buy me love’, so I made an intro of it on the video. Tiglet also posed with a pint (the second of the day!)

I had a bottle of water, but I think a bucket of ice might be in order for future visits. The set included ‘You can drive my car’, ‘Can’t buy me love’, ‘When I saw her standing there’ and finishing with ‘Talkin’ bout my Generation’, during which I moved to the centre and noticed a mosaic of bands, one of which seemed to be ‘Ian’! Looking more carefully it actually says ‘Ian and the Zodiacs’, but there’s a nice name for a band anyway.

Made a bit of a mistake on the video (what, only one??) at the end when I state they’re on at the Cavern every Saturday night at 7, though their tour schedule on the website contradicts that claim!


So check out their website for Tour details and albums, they’re playing one more time at the Cavern in July and then off on a UK tour, so it looks like The Shakers are the next band to see. Though I am really looking forward to International Beatle Week at the end of August, so that’s something.

MLT can be found at-

and on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Details of International Beatles Week and performing bands at the Cavern-


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INFINITE WHONIVERSES- The Final Adventure of 2014!

The 171st Post on Tiglets blog! The Last story of 2014!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

IW- last of the timeladies Cover 2

This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses- Last of the TimeLadies has taken ages to complete.

It began about five months ago after Rachel and Dave’s wedding and seeing their pictures from their visit to the Doctor Who exhibition at Cardiff. There’s also a picture of Rachel with Davros, but I preferred this one. I didn’t make it to their Reception as I had to go to Pete Swans  on the Wirral. I am seriously looking forward to the day when I can clone myself and be in two places at once. I mean, if the Sontarans, Kaminoans and Michael Keaton can do it, why can’t I??

It was supposed to be a simple tale to introduce and kick off the Female Doctor storyline, but over four months I kept adding ideas, the biggest one being locating it to a Sanctuary system roughly at the same time as The Guardians of Zyonia…

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