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The New Doctor’s got ‘The Look”!

“My Successor? It could even be a Woman. There’s no reason why The Doctor should always be a Man”

Tom Baker on his ‘retirement’ from the role of Doctor Who.

(Quoted from Regeneration- The Mystery of Ages. The Time Travellers Guide by Peter Haining. 1987. (1995 edition))

15th doctor JW

So I have finally posted the video I made shortly after the announcement of Jodie Whittaker being cast as the new Doctor.

I didn’t want to get into the whole argument of whether it’s a good move, but you know it is really, so just accept it.

Anyway, Regeneration 101 will go into the whole mechanics of how a sex-change Regeneration works, and there has been precedent, not just over the last couple of years but in the classic series too. Tom Baker himself said why not, and there’s even been a XenoRegeneration (Species-change) I’m also going to explain why the numbering is wrong and get into that as well, oh joy!

But for now, just enjoy my video and the hints of what’s to come in both Doctor Who and Infinite Whoniverses series 5! (Although, Independence is late by a month, with the FemDr and Elise, so that’s almost ready!)

Nanananaa, she’s got THE LOOK!



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Events- Liverpool MCM COMIC CON 2017- SUPERCLARK 3- Coming Soon!

DSCF0126So after two dozen Comic book Conventions/meetups and photoshoots last year, I’m off to the third event of 2017- MCM Comic Con-Liverpool, for BOTH days, not just one like last year.

Ellesmere Port Comic Con was great, I’m still working on photos, but getting EPCC and the Liverpool Cosplay Meet in January videos edited and uploaded was epic in itself. I made three versions of LCM with different music. The version uploaded featured Lindsey Stirling and Lzzy Hale from Halestorm and ‘Shatter me’. If that didn’t work, as backup I had Nami Kichi’s Cover versions of Brave Shine from Fate Stay/Night and Ignite from Sword Art Online 2.

For EPCC it was a general vid of the event and 360 shoot, then a video of the Cosplay Contest.

It was a comment off Ironman at EP that made me think I need to make another attempt at Superman/Clark Kent, so I have been planning a bit in advance, which makes a change from making things up as I go along like I normally do!

Anyway, that is the plan- Saturday Clark Kent, roving Reporter for the Daily Planet will be around, and then on Sunday I’ll need to find a Jimmy Olsen to film me doing my Super-thing!

Should be FUN!

Thanks also to Thomas Hulks as Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash!



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Dr Rrr Series 2- Adventures in the Xmasverse

It’s chilly in the Xmasverse for Episode 2 of Series 2!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog


Just when you thought Christmas was over and done with, there’s a double-helping of Dr. Rrr in The Xmasverse, just like that Christmas Pudding you have to have because it smells so good!

It’s another zany adventure as the Quest for the Power Core begins!

Time Travelling has never been so much FUN!!!


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Dr Rrr Series 2!

Doc Bear to the Rescue!!

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dr-rrr-s2-logo2DOC BEAR TO THE RESCUE!

He’s back baby! The little Furry LionLord of Time and Temporal shenanigans has returned for a Second Series!

Just Videos this time, not written stories as Infinite Whoniverses series 5 has been pushed back to End of Summer/Autumn 2017. So Part A is next Five episodes, then Part B will be after Easter, I hope!

There’s some fun and crazy times ahead as Dr. Rrr and co head out on an unbelievable quest for the Purple Power Core, aka- The Purpleatrix!

There’s thrills and chills ahead, especially in the Xmasverse, but there’s also The Valeyard, the Ominmessiah and other assorted baddies to contend with!

So here it is, topped with a kick-ass theme and new Title sequence, The Second Series of DR. RRR!!!



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The Neodoctor vs the Valeyard- at last!

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shadowdr2bHere’s a pain in the behind- something I’d originally planned to do back just after Christmas, but kept changing, adding stuff, getting an idea then it conflicting with another idea. No wonder the Virgin New Adventures Guidelines steered away from the Nightmare of the Valeyard!

I really thought Moffat might have done something, after the mention in the 50th Anniversary Trailer- but nope, nada. Just a bunch of convoluted plays by Big Finish.

This was inevitable though- a universe with a bad Doctor- with the theme of Infinite Alternities, it had to happen sometime.

With ideas scattered across several notebooks and a few sheets of A4 paper, making it into a coherent story, especially with the conflicting explanations of the true nature of the Valeyard was a bit tricky. It was only after seeing the fantastic photos that Robert Mann had taken of me at Manchester Anime and Gaming…

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Infinite WHOniverses- The Timeroad so Far!

Coming March/April- Series 4 at last!

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The timeroad travelled so far…

IW tardis2 iw


In an Infinite number of Whoniverses, where possibilities and Alternatives play out, The 13th NeoGallifreyan Doctor wakes from the Matrix and flees with Star in the STARDIS as The Master leads a Dalek Occupation.

The Doctor and Star collect A Key To Time and are joined by Tori, a Transguardian in Human Form. She lets in the Centuroid Armada from another Universe, which battles the fleet before they are all transported elsewhere. The Cult of Davros mysteriously escapes though.

In the STARDIS, the NeoGallifreyan 13th Doctor, Star and Tori leave their reality on a quest into Alternity.

In another Whoniverse, the 9TH TimeLady Doctor, the Last of the Timeladies, arrives in a Commune under siege by a different version of the Centuroids. Davius helps her restore power to the Sanctuary System, though she is poisoned by radiation and regenerates into…

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The Finale to Series 3 is finally here- better late than never!

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IW NEO 1 EOT3This is the Episode of Infinite Whoniverses that I have wanted to do for a long time. Not only a semi-sequel to Trial of a TimeLord from the Sixth Doctor’s second and last Season, but referencing the very first appearance of the ‘alternate’ NeoGallifreyan Doctor in Triumph of the Daleks from last year.

There’s a few revelations here, and one in particular that I will get more into in the opening episode of Series 4, sometime in November, maybe December. It also has a great cover- accidentally when I tried doing a selfie with Gallifrey in the background- the reflection was actually much, much better, so went with it!


I have written 14 stories in Series 3- WOW! That takes me up to 28 overall, with 35 episodes in total. Good golly miss molly!! That’s a lot for one person- as well as covers and stuff. Getting…

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