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So, another Mid-Day job bites the dust. My days of Santa Spotting, First-Aiding and ball-retrieval from the field seem to be over.


It’s with very mixed feelings that I knew it was time to move on, DSCF3181but I bit the bullet, even though part of me would have liked to have stayed, but commuting two hours and rushing around like the Flash racing Superman first thing in the morning isn’t any fun, at least not these days.


There’s a lot I have done- went to a Wedding and been inspired to write a storyline on Infinite Whoniverses based on Rachel and Dave’s trip to Cardiff, Presented Tiglet to some of the kids, hiked three quarters of the Shropshire Union Canal and explored a whole lot more of Chester. Made it through two Christmases (when it was only supposed to be one!) Been inspired to create crafts, even though I’m rubbish at it! (Thank you Sue and the Hetty gang!) I’ve even had some great Show-And-Tell times, and told a few stories, though my version of Mr. Chatterbox has to be seen to be believed!


So there we go, got an interview on Wednesday, Holiday Club and hopefully Wales to look forward to, as well as the TimeRiders and Robots of Death to revise for IW, but for now am going to enjoy a Special Curry and maybe watch Sleepless in Seattle, though I might catch up on Game of Thrones or Caprica, not sure yet.


So, My Last Day in Hoole- very nice, though I’ve yet to open the chocolates the kids presented me with, I’m still getting used to the idea of not having to rush around in the morning and may even get a few reviews written, now that would be something wouldn’t it?!

 Happy Half Term Everybody!!




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Merry Christmas!!!


There’s been a disturbance in the Merry Side of the Force recently.  I haven’t really felt it, but maybe the pressures of work, trying to juggle finances and simply get through the month have made me lose my enthusiasm for the period



I don’t know, it’s been great doing the ‘Santa Spotting’ exercise for the Year 1’s in school, but I’ve struggled to be of good cheer, even watching Muppets Christmas Carol hasn’t helped, so might watch Nativity 2 instead, or Home Alone or Jingle all the way might do the trick. It has been a rough year, I must admit. Not getting anywhere with submitting Tiglet’s shows to Broadcasters and Producers, as well as not doing much hiking lately has made this blog lack posts, but there are a few new things to try next year.

Maybe it’s the whole commercialisation stuff, as present buying this time round has just made the last few days drag, I don’t know, can’t seem to make up my mind. Guess I’ll just have to get through it and Like it!!

Anyway, there are things in motion to get things started again for 2015, including the publication of my romantic SF story ‘by the lights of the silvery moons’ a big contrast to Incineration Day in the Epic Anthology, so am looking forward to that anyway!

by the lighs of the silvery moons




So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, here’s looking forward to getting enthusiastic about 2015!!!



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Happy December!

another epic year of hiking nearly gone!

Ian's TravelBlog Adventures!

Here’s something to get you in the mood for Christmas- yes Winter is coming baby, so wrap up!!


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Ian’s Travelblog Adventures- Two Weddings, a Hike and a Trailer

What a busy day!

What a busy day!


Yesterday was an exciting and exceptional day, as I had been invited to two weddings on the same day, one in Chester and the other on the Wirral. What a conundrum to ponder, which one to go to? But I took the third option and went to Rachel and Dave Sims Service in Chester, then up to the Wirral for Dorcas and Pete Swan’s Reception at Leasowe Castle, getting a short walk in via New Brighton. It was a good job I had begun work on the new Trailer for Tiglet, as it was nearly midnight when I got back home!


The Dance!

The Dance!

Having taken most of the day to recover, I’ve been enthused by some of the footage I got, so thought I’d share a couple of things, though I hadn’t taken any pictures in Chester (shame!) But now Puppet Les Mis is in motion for August, it’s a great way to bring the weekend to a close, as well as adding a surprise extra in the Countdown to 500!



puppet les mis poster2

Congratulations to both couples on their Weddings and thanks for inviting me, it’s been another exciting day for Ian’s Travelblog Adventures!!



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(Not so Secret) Diary of a Literary Womble- What’s going on in Ian’s Little World?

What's going on in Ian's Little World?

What’s going on in Ian’s Little World?


Don’t you just hate it when someone is so condescending and patronising, so small minded? It’s easy to get upset or angry at such negativity, but you can also shrug it off and laugh.

So what HAS been going on in Ian’s Little World then?? Commuting doing my head in, diversions, roadwork’s and other nonsense, the insanity of family, idiotic bureaucracy, debts, BBC, behind on blog posts, TOTALLY behind on Travel blog updates, as well as re-reading some old ones- did I really spend nine hours walking along the River Mersey and write it up in a six-part series? Seems so long ago (summer 2012, go check it out!) And I still haven’t made a musical or gotten a Commission, or acting work, or done much with the ’40 things to do’ list, well, had neither money nor time to get on with it, suppose it’ll be the Summer before I get the chance to tick a few things off, though Puppetry can be ticked. And then there’s backache to top it off!!!

I guess the main reason I have been fed up and demotivated lately is because I have felt like I’ve been stuck in a rut, that maybe I’ve been going in the wrong direction and nothing’s changed. Even waiting to hear what’s happening with The Keystroke Killer is discouraging.

The Tiglet Show was such a mega-achievement, something I have wanted to do for such a long time that maybe I’m on the downward side, having such a leap in creativity it’s now the flip-side that I’m experiencing. (Oh dear, I’m psycho-analysing myself, must do a review instead.) I have done a script-reading for the Merseyside Script Initiative, as well as racing through the Hunger Games Trilogy, The Mortal Instruments series and going on a School Reunion night out. But I really need to get a Space-Operatic, epic saga sorted pronto!

I’ve said it elsewhere, but Richard Powell’s Atlas of the universe website is still a great source of inspiration, as well as intergalactic settings for stories. Powell says that only 7% of the universe is known. So that’s 93% left to explore.

That’s where you’ll find me, of on a great adventure, ‘cause somewhere out there is Ian’s Little World!!!

Oh, I did finally post The Hobbit yesterday, but really need to sort Travelblogs out-so get ready for the MERSEYWALK saga- Coming Soon!

Nice day



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Ian’s 40 Things to Do When You’re 40- Happy Easter, with Shakespeare!

A fantastic sight to end the day with!

A fantastic sight to end the day with!

Another Crazy Little blog, so soon after my 40th Birthday! It’s also 450 years since the birth of William Shakespeare this week, so planning a couple of things for that,


Okay, I’ve still to finish Les Mis And Roar reviews, but thought I would wish you a HAPPY EASTER and include a short video of a rare occurrence- me being up for both Sunrise AND Sunset (and managing to snap a few pics and a vid!)


So, enjoy!





AND for something EXTRA SPECIAL, to whet your appetite for Tiglet’s Summer Special, including Puppet Les Mis AND Puppet Shakespeare, April and May will see The Return OF Tiglet’s Time Travels, The FIRST Series as you have never seen it before! Totally Revamped!!!


Tune in Easter Monday for the First ever episode Reborn!



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Tiglet @ West Kirby to Hoylake Beach

Tig at West Kirby/Hoylake!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

Tiggy has another Philosophical ramble with Mercer, Looking out over the River Dee and the Mersey Bay on a Summer’s evening in June.

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