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What is your Aspiration/to what do you Aspire?


aspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n noun

noun: aspiration; plural noun: aspirations

    1. 1. “the needs and aspirations of the people”
    2. a hope or ambition of achieving something.
synonyms: desire, hope, longing, yearning, hankering, urge, wish; More

aim, ambition, expectation, inclination, objective, goal, target, end, object, dream;

informalyen, itch

“the jobs created do not match the aspirations of local residents”

2. the action or process of drawing  Spell aspire after literary immortality; to aspire to be a doctor.Archaic. to rise up; soar; mount; tow

.to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value (usually followed by to, after, or an infinitive):

verb (used without object), aspired, aspiring.


I got asked a question on Youtube about why I make my hiking videos (Pale Heights one) So this is a question I’ve been pondering the last few weeks.

aspire1What is your Aspiration/to what do you Aspire?

And I have to admit that I haven’t quite figured it out yet. It’s a Creative Compulsion, I am compelled, need to, want to, desire to make something, to create, to be creative, even with virtually no resources- just a second-hand camera, basic editing knowledge and equipment and a few free mornings to go somewhere or write something.

And what an explosion of Creativity I’ve had this year! 28 Infinite Whoniverse stories, getting past the 200 video-mark, my Fifth Bloggerversary, had TWO proper bands let me use their songs (Mona Lisa Twins- These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ for Hiking theme and Traffic Experiment’s Vashta Nerada theme for IW/Dr. Rrr’s Guide to the Whoniverse- Episode 3 coming up next Sunday!) And I haven’t even mentioned I AM (Indie Authors Merseyside) yet, but with three short stories published elsewhere (and a Fourth in Courage 2015, when it eventually gets released! And no, I won’t be attempting NaNoWriMo this year!) I am taking small, very tiny steps forward. Yes I know I want to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but small steps help as well.Well, that’s all nice, but for me, my hope is that I’ve created something worthwhile, a little philosophical nugget, golden or Chicken, makes no difference.


Yes, there is the exhilaration and joy of going somewhere new, and filming it, documenting the experience and then inflicting it upon the rest of the universe. Then there’s the puppet videos, not quite in the same league as The Muppet Show, but I’m a one-Man Band and do what I can,

it also helps that I’ve a few, not many, but a few friends who have helped out.affirmation-320x230

So, there’s another Monday morning gone, in a rambling mini-essay. I guess I’ve half-answered the question, what do I hope to achieve? A few Likes on Tiglet’s Facebook page? A couple of new followers on Twitter? Maybe get a few more views and a comment on Youtube??

Oh yes, and that I’ve had a bit of fun along the way!

Go on, tell me, what is your Aspiration/to what do you Aspire?

your aspiration are your


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Another 12 Reviews of Christmas- 3- The Bucket List DVD

How do you measure the sum of a person’s life?  This charming and delightful film attempts to answer that question, as well as having an adventure.

bucket listWhen Mechanic Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) learns that he has cancer, he resigns himself to a treatment regime at a Hospital that has just been bought by billionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) When Cole is admitted, the two reluctantly share a room, getting to know each other through treatment and sleepless nights.  When Carter throws a note away, his Bucket list (things to do before he kicks the bucket) Cole reads it and amends the list, insisting that since they’ve been given up to a year to live, they might as well go out with a bang.

The two of team embark on a series of exhilarating experiences, starting with Skydiving, getting a Tattoo, Racing cars flying to France and going on a Safari.

In Egypt, overlooking the Pyramids, Carter poses the question at the heart of the film- Have you found joy and have you brought joy to others?  Cole sidesteps the issues with his family, but a scene later, at the Taj Mahal in India, other questions on the nature of life and death are mentioned.

Returning home, Carter dines with his family while Cole is home alone.  When Carter lies on his deathbed, Cole is challenged to finish the list, reconciling with his daughter and Granddaughter he has never met, leading to an emotionally charged ending.

Screenwriter Justin Zackham talks about his book which inspired the story about different people’s lists, which can be either accomplishment-based or more personal.  John Mayer’s music video ‘Say’ rounds of the Special Features.

The Bucket List is an amazing adventure and an exciting and moving tale.



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