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What is your Aspiration/to what do you Aspire?


aspəˈreɪʃ(ə)n noun

noun: aspiration; plural noun: aspirations

    1. 1. “the needs and aspirations of the people”
    2. a hope or ambition of achieving something.
synonyms: desire, hope, longing, yearning, hankering, urge, wish; More

aim, ambition, expectation, inclination, objective, goal, target, end, object, dream;

informalyen, itch

“the jobs created do not match the aspirations of local residents”

2. the action or process of drawing  Spell aspire after literary immortality; to aspire to be a doctor.Archaic. to rise up; soar; mount; tow

.to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value (usually followed by to, after, or an infinitive):

verb (used without object), aspired, aspiring.


I got asked a question on Youtube about why I make my hiking videos (Pale Heights one) So this is a question I’ve been pondering the last few weeks.

aspire1What is your Aspiration/to what do you Aspire?

And I have to admit that I haven’t quite figured it out yet. It’s a Creative Compulsion, I am compelled, need to, want to, desire to make something, to create, to be creative, even with virtually no resources- just a second-hand camera, basic editing knowledge and equipment and a few free mornings to go somewhere or write something.

And what an explosion of Creativity I’ve had this year! 28 Infinite Whoniverse stories, getting past the 200 video-mark, my Fifth Bloggerversary, had TWO proper bands let me use their songs (Mona Lisa Twins- These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ for Hiking theme and Traffic Experiment’s Vashta Nerada theme for IW/Dr. Rrr’s Guide to the Whoniverse- Episode 3 coming up next Sunday!) And I haven’t even mentioned I AM (Indie Authors Merseyside) yet, but with three short stories published elsewhere (and a Fourth in Courage 2015, when it eventually gets released! And no, I won’t be attempting NaNoWriMo this year!) I am taking small, very tiny steps forward. Yes I know I want to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but small steps help as well.Well, that’s all nice, but for me, my hope is that I’ve created something worthwhile, a little philosophical nugget, golden or Chicken, makes no difference.


Yes, there is the exhilaration and joy of going somewhere new, and filming it, documenting the experience and then inflicting it upon the rest of the universe. Then there’s the puppet videos, not quite in the same league as The Muppet Show, but I’m a one-Man Band and do what I can,

it also helps that I’ve a few, not many, but a few friends who have helped out.affirmation-320x230

So, there’s another Monday morning gone, in a rambling mini-essay. I guess I’ve half-answered the question, what do I hope to achieve? A few Likes on Tiglet’s Facebook page? A couple of new followers on Twitter? Maybe get a few more views and a comment on Youtube??

Oh yes, and that I’ve had a bit of fun along the way!

Go on, tell me, what is your Aspiration/to what do you Aspire?

your aspiration are your


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The debut of the 11th Timelady Doctor- and a sneak peek at what’s to come in Infinite Whoniverses Series 4!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

Here is yet another Milestone in the journey, as a year has passed since INFINITE WHONIVERSES begun and it has gone from strength to strength, so here is where Doctors Collide, The 14th NeoGallifreyan version meeting the New 11th Timelady version.

WOW! It is an idea I’ve had for a very long time, combining two running storylines, though I had a problem I identified back in February- Who was going to portray the 11th TimeLady Doctor???

IW 1

When I wrote Enemies of the Timeladies back in March and made the video, I thought about Regenerating the 10th, as featuring Jacklyn Black’s Cosplays had been a bonus, but I wanted to have someone I knew in the ‘role’, so that I could get some action poses and dialogue for the new Trailer (which didn’t happen, but now it’s gonna be for the Fourth Series in December!)


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Getting by with a little help from my friends- 5 years of Playworking, blogging and Facebooking along!

imagesMy Fifth Bloggerversary Trailer is up, but I haven’t finished writing a running commentary on all the little bits and pieces, but Today I have been working in my job in Chester for 5 years! Join that with 5 years of Facebooking and Blogging and that’s a triple whammy if ever there was one!

Now that is a worthehile achievement, well, it’s either that or a lengthy prison sentence, but I’ll go with the achievement!

I’ve had a busy summer, but I think getting the Anniversary Trailer uploaded onto Youtube is a great insight into the Journey so far, even though certain things get repeated. The Mona Lisa Twins get three mentions, as does Infinite Whoniverses and Ignite. While the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, Mersey Comic Con and the Eagles/Falcons/Buzzards all get two!

Tiglet gets a massive seven mentions. But I realised this afternoon on the way to school that the thing I haven’t raved about is the fact that I’m friends with a Gold Medallist from the Olympics!!!

And you’re going to have to wait until I’ve finished the commentary blogpost to find out how!

(Hint- the Tarzan/Quarry bit features him!)

And on that note, I’ll call it a night and have a cookie!


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Bye bye Holidays- blink and you’ll miss ‘em!!

My head’s been buzzing like a million Bees at a Bee convention; even a second coffee on a Sunday afternoon has made only a few leave.

It’s been an insane week at Mercer Central; my supposed holiday has gone in the blink of an eye as I’ve had my Nephew’s round every-single-day. I had such a bad case of cabin fever on Wednesday I had to get away for a few hours.

That was a Trek unlike any ever before, as my bus pass was on its final day and I’d been planning on going to Wales, well, that plan had been exterminated faster than a Draconian fleet facing Daleks.

Anyway, instead of going Walton Hall Gardens or doing something simple, I made a start on the Sandstone Trail, a Megahike if ever there was.

I got partway round and decided to join the Eddisbury Way, which is when things got REALLY interesting and saw The Eagles/Buzzards/whatever for the first time.

Hiking in the rain is not that much fun, so skipped the rest and spent next couple of days watching and playing Star Wars-the films/Lego shorts/ Monopoly/ Battlefront 2/Lord of the Rings Chess/Uno/Frustration and Doctor Who Frustration with my Nephews (By using daleks and the set in the new Panini version of Doctor Who Adventures)

Saturday I was planning on seeing the MonaLisa Twins in Liverpool, but thought if I did that bit of the Eddisbury Way I missed, that would be great, little did I know it would turn into an Ordeal. There is something about giving up and turning back when it gets too much, but little old tenacious me decided to press on, even when the path became overgrown and I got my legs scratched and lacerated by thistles/nettles/thorns and goddess knows what else.

BUT, seeing the Eagles again more than made up for it, even though the battery on my camera ran out, so missed a few stunning views on the way to Helsby.

Seeing Mona Lisa Twins was enjoyable, they even played three of my favourite 60’s songs- This Boy (my fave Beatles track!) Jonny B Goode and the Hippy Hippy Shake, so that was amazing, but I was absolutely shattered and hungry, so today’s been recovering and trying to figure out what’s next- I’ve got three milestones coming up- the fifth Bloggerversary/Facebook double bill and Fifth Anniversary of my Job as a Playworker, since after ten years of applying for Media jobs, it was the only offer I had so took it! Didn’t think I’d last that long in Education, but I have! Who’d have thunk it eh?

There are still a bunch of reviews and stories to write, half a dozen videos to take me a little bit closer to the 200 mark, so those might get started on this week. ITA needs updating and Tiglet’s been walking and posing so that’s a start.

Happy Holidays- Blink and it’ll be gone faster than the Millennium Falcon on the Kessel run. Is it me or I have I overdosed on Star Wars this week??

Anyway, I think I’ve finally woken up- at 6.23PM! Think I’ll have a cup of tea!

ITA- eagle2


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Happy 4th Bloggerversary!

Ian's Museum of Very Interesting things!

Ian’s Museum of Very Interesting things!

 Okay, one week to go ‘til Summers over and Term begins. Where have the holidays gone again? I swear there’s some kind of Time Dilation effect that begins in July, Time does literally disappear into a Bermuda triangle, in a very X-Filish kind- of way.

So Puppet Les Mis is making snail-like progress, but at Holiday Club made a small set and the kids used Plasticine figures to make up stories, so I’m carrying that on and making it The Museum of Very Interesting Things, so expect something soon.

 TTW Poster 1

In the meantime I have made a bit of progress on the sequel to Tiglet’s Time Travels.

So here is the very first teaser Poster for another amazing adventure coming in 2015!


Happy 4TH Bloggerversary everybody!!!



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374th Post- 3 Year Bloggerversary Special- What is going on in Mercerville these days???


“Lord I don’t know which way I’m going, which way the river gonna flow. It just seems that upstream I keep rowin’, still got such a long way to go.”

Coldplay- U.F.O.- From Mylo Xyloto

I’ve been thinking lately that I may have come full circle, the blog’s been out of shape recently- feels like I’ve lost momentum and I haven’t really done anything I wanted to do. My ‘To write list’ keeps on piling up, different projects keep me doing the Juggling Octopi routine and every time I find something to focus on, I get too easily distracted and end up dropping the ball.

Tiglet’s adventures have been a great way to find focus, especially the new philosophical/Spiritual phase we’ve been going through- We’re even going back to the Chester Literature Festival to do a couple of poems, but I’m finishing off Series 4 of the Time Travels- the ending is something I’m looking forward to. I have even begun planning for The Next Big Thing for 2014, but that’s something to share later!

“There’s gotta be more to life, than just chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me.”- Stacie Orrico

While I have been all over the place, I know I’ve messed up a few times over the past year or so, getting stressed, distracted, trying to find a way forward. Dealing with my issues- both health/work/family related and seeking a Balance has been tough, but I think I have been making progress over the past couple of months. The hiking videos I’ve made with Tiglet have been fun, and very illuminating. My experiences at Soul Survivor and my camera failing was a big deal, I am grappling with a number of things that’ll pick up in my Spirituality 101 series, as well as the New Vlogs- which will launch this weekend (he hopes!) I have still yet to catch up on my reviews- Les Miserables, Time Riders 8 and Eat, Pray, Love are top of the list.

“And all you ever do, is change the old for new.”- Delirious- My Glorious

I’ve been thinking I need a turnaround, something to get focussed and passionate about, Faith and Trust are the new watchwords and there are few loose ends to tie up. I began a few threads, like the Creative Elucidation one that haven’t been followed up, so that’ll keep me busy. I have picked up some new creative and crafting skills from School and Nerd Club that have been useful in model making /designing and creating things for Tiglet’s Time Travels- some great new characters and ships to debut in the last few episodes of Season 4, so that will be going until October/November.

So here we go for a Fourth year on the Blog, as I move forward and try new things, I hope you’ll join me, as anything is possible!!!

“Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy. Feels like the winds are gonna change.”

Delirious- Raindown


Now I’m going to watch The wonderful Wizard of Oz, Special Edition, so see you somewhere over the Rainbow!! Wizard of Oz





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