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STAR WARS REBELS and the Snaggletooth Quest

4th alwaysMay The 25th be with you! Belatedly of course. Seems the 40th Anniversary of the release of Episode 4 a New Hope slipped through my fingers like Star Systems through Governor Tarkin’s, as Leia said it would!


Anyway, Rebels series 3 has just finished, following Ezra Bridger and the rag-tag crew of the Ghost, a Millennium Falcon-type ship that seems to be part setting up ANH and the New Trilogy and part product-placement for Disney toys.

So after the climatic finale Zero Hour I watched Rogue One and A New Hope back-to-back, which was a great watch, though the ending of R1 was a bit abrupt, but tied in well to the start of ANH.

I’m playing the first Star Wars Battlefront game on the ps2 again, so I may have to blog that at some point!

I also went to Warrington Market Comic Con at the weekend, which was okay, but saw more toys for sale. I bought an AST-5 for five pounds at For the love of Sci-Fi in December, so have been looking at other stuff. The price of original Kenner-edition toys are bloody ridiculous though, you would think Lucasfilm would just remake them, but a bit better, especially Darth Vader. I must have had about half a dozen headless Vaders- looked like some kind-of Robot without a head!

the snaggletooth quest1

Anyway, I’ve since come to the conclusion that all this ‘collectability’ nonsense is just that. Looking out for a red or blue Snaggletooth that costs at least £80 is a bit of a ripoff. So I’m giving that quest up and just going to enjoy whatever happens with Rebels and The Last Jedi, though it will probably be about Luke giving up the Light and the dark and being like the Bendu, be the one in the middle.

One thing I did like was watching Boogie Storm- the dancing Stormtroopers, complete with Meco’s 70’s Disco theme!


Time to get groovy and Feel the funkyside of the Force!!




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ON A NOSTALGIA TRIP- Highlights of 2012, crazy ideas and other Hair-brained schemes

I had absolutely no idea when I began this blog back in August 2010 what I was going to do.  You can tell that from the few posts I did make over the first six months or so.  Searching for things to write about, I see I am better organised and tend to plan ahead now, but still flexible on occasion.  I’ve been reading through and having an occasional chuckle at some of the things I’ve written- not quite the Sunday Afternoon activity I planned, but it was nice.  I am even less than ten away from 250 Posts!

I guess a Job Interview I went to didn’t help, as soon as they said it was fewer hours than advertised; I knew I didn’t want to do it.  Got an introspective walk around the park to help clear my head and give me the next mad idea for Tiglet though.

I have been on a Nostalgia trip lately- the 60’/70’s and 80’s themed posts testify to that, but I do need to knock the nostalgia on the head and start planning for next year.  But how to top everything I have achieved this year, which has been a spectacular year- the Summer especially.  I will have to share some of my personal highlights, just put them on the TO DO list. Yeah, along with the films I’d like to see-Rise of the Guardians/Nativity2/Alex Cross/Jack Reacher/The Hobbit and Life of Pi, though it’ll probably only be The Hobbit, I’m watching Lord of the Rings for inspiration!

And then, I’ll be able to tell you all about the next hair-brained scheme and what you can do to help!



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For the Love of Haiku- Hey there Mr. Blue!!


Hey there Mr. Blue!!

I spy with my little blue eye,

Looking outside at a bit of blue sky.

I’m so excited that I give a little cry.

“Let’s go hiking under the blue sky!!”

Ian Cai Mercer 15/12/2012

For All about Lemon- my first Haiku-type entry!!!


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