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galaxy2I’ve seen a fair few films.

One of the best of all time is Star Wars Episode 5- The Empire Strikes Back. I’m not going to number them or make bullet points, but there are a number of reasons why I think it is one of the best movies ever.

First of all, Hoth. Yes the entire planet, it’s a big snowball, Han even says so. The fact that the Rebel Cell led by Leia/Riekan and co make a base there shows how desperate they are to avoid the Empire, even though it looks like they’ve only just moved in. I mean, I like a bit of snow, but an entire planet where it’s Frozen but never Christmas, brrr, shiver me timbers Captain Jack!

Next is a little green guy, playing Luke like a Grand Piano, Why not just introduce himself properly? Yoda’s first appearance was a creative risk, a gamble that paid off. It’s not easy being green and muppety, just ask Kermit the Frog, but the characterisation, the inverted speech pattern and downright cheekiness made him flawless. Stand out moment- lifting the X-Wing out of the swamp. “I don’t believe it” Luke says, doing a poor impression of Victor Meldrew. “That is why you failed” Yoda tells him gravely. And then there is The Cave. Yes, remember the failure at the Cave. Luke V Vader, who loses his head and revealed to be Luke! A Dark Side entity or Force-Projection? One of the mysteries of the Force never answered.

Then there is The Executor, known for years as Darth Vader’s Star Destroyer. Dwarfing normal Star Destroyers, its appearance to the brilliant theme of The Imperial March by John Williams was awe-inspiring, as was the Playset, until it crashed in the back garden!

Finally- Han and Leia. Ahhhh, a little bit of romance out amongst the stars. There’s friction there at the start, as well as a bit of flirtation. You get the impression it’s been going on for a while. While the tension ramps up in the Asteroid field, it’s Bespin where they finally acknowledge their feelings. The added complication of smooth-talking Lando, then the betrayal and Luke’s attempt at a rescue. The ending is bittersweet, Luke and Leia, still unaware of being related, look out on a neighbouring galaxy as Lando and Chewbacca fly off to search for Han. Then, to the awesome end theme the camera pulls back on the Rebel Fleet, heading away from the neighbouring galaxy and into the unknown. What an Epic Finale.

So there are a few reasons why I rate ESB so highly, even more so than all the other films. Return of the Jedi was the Second part of ESB and concluded the trilogy. It will be interesting to see what JJ Abrams has done to finish off the saga and what might be coming next from A Galaxy far, far away. Or one of its neighbours in the Whills Cluster of Galaxies, as I’ve called them.



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Birthday Blog- Couldn’t organise a riot in a Tea bag? Really?!

45Made an innocuous comment in the Nanowrimo Writing group last night on Facebook, a bit facetiously, but it’s got me thinking- how organised am I?

It was to do with Camp Nano, a monthly challenge I’ve never actually had the time to do. So I said I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t organise a riot in a T-Bag.

I am a bit more organised than that, but my problem is I’m easily distracted, I lose focus, don’t prioritise and then give up. I’m a juggling Octopus, but end up dropping several balls at once. Good job I can’t juggle firesticks then, ‘cos the whole tent would be up in flames!

Disturbing Circus imagery aside, I do get stuck in a creative rut quite a lot. That happened with Grey Dominion last weekend. I gave up and watched Bill and Ted and Westworld, which inspired a new trailer for GD, so am slowly putting that together. It’s taken me nearly a week to move forward with it, but that’s the way I work, slowly and methodically- don’t rush me, like the Tortoise said to the Hare.

Anyway, made myself a Birthday cup of Tea, gonna stir it round, squeeze it a bit, see if I can get a riot started.

Anything can happen- it’s Anything can happen Thursday!


PS- The T-bag got wet, squished and lumpy. Guess that went well then! What a way to start Year 45 of life!



What about ANOTHER Galaxy of Adventures?


The Galaxy of Adventure shorts are fun, cheeky little short Anime-style retellings of scenes from The Original Trilogy, each concentrating on a character like Luke, Chewbacca, Leia, Darth Vader and more recently Stormtroopers and the Force itself

My favourite part is where Palpatine’s machinations and manipulations are shown- “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design”. The Master puppeteer says, although it is Luke and gang who mess that all up for him.


The universe is filled with galaxies, although Dark Matter and voids separate them, like islands. Unlike many other SF stories, the SW galaxy is far, far away, not like the Andromeda galaxy and forty-odd satellite galaxies of the Local Group.

In Empire Strikes Back, the fleet gather, with a large spiral galaxy in the backdrop. This has been interpreted as The main Star Wars galaxy, but that is a false assumption. The surrounding starfield wouldn’t be there if the fleet was outside, plus the Falcon flies ‘over’ the galaxy, not down into the gravity well.

So, that means it is a neighbouring galaxy, perhaps a twin to the SW one. And that means there is another galaxy of possible stories out there, including the possible Origins of the Skywalkers. What if Shmi was a refugee, or part of a Mengele-like experiment? Wouldn’t that explain Anakin’s abilities? Did Shmi have another child with Lars who then had Rey? That would make Luke her Uncle and Ben her cousin.

Another galaxy opens up even more possibilities for stories. An alternate take on the Yuuzhan Vong or the Nagai, two Intergalactic invaders, and if, as Obi Wan says the Force ‘binds the galaxy together’, what would bind another galaxy? An anti-Force maybe?

But that begs the question- how long is the Saga to go on for? Lucas original outline was the Journal of the Whills; alternate versions were the Adventures of Starkiller/Adventures of Luke Skywalker. It was supposed to be nine chapters, based on the 1930’s versions of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, which usually ran for 12 chapters, or episodes. Lucas finished at Return of the Jedi as it was about Anakin and Luke- the Fall and Redemption of Darth Vader- but The Journal can continue with other stories, other heroes and villains, other families, alien creatures and mystical Beings.

As well as the 40th Anniversary of Empire in 2020, 2022 will be 45th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode 4- A New Hope, with the 50th Anniversary in 2027. It’s an exciting time to watch further adventures from a long time ago, in a galaxy (or Galaxies) far, far away!



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Bill and Ted’s Excellent 30TH ANNIVERSARY


There was a thing on Facebook on Saturday how it is thirty years since Bill S Preston and Ted Theodore Logan embarked on their First most Excellent Adventure. 1989 was an awesome year, when the film was released (though it took two years to film>) It’s a hefty slice of 80’s Nostalgia and a roller coaster ride of fun, topped of by an awesome soundtrack.

While Doctor Who had a British Police Telephone box, B+T had an American Phone Booth, with which they kidnapped several Historical figures for their History report. Hapless shenanigans ensue, hilariously and most bodaciously, I might add.

So I’ve watched it twice, also with Bogus Journey, but this is my favourite of the two. A great slice of the 1980’s, with an Awesome soundtrack as a yummy topping.

And with ‘Bill and Ted Face the music’ coming soon, you know it will be a most bodacious ending to the Saga

Be Excellent to each other and Party on Dudes!



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The first of several updates from LCC 2019!


Innovative Ian’s Dilemmas- getting stuck in a rut and trying to get out again.

I want to break free. Yes it’s an awesome Queen song, but sums up my life, as does the cover of my new-ish notebook. “Too many ideas, not enough time” it says. Yep, that about sums up my life at the mo, doing a bit of lunch cover til the Easter Hols, getting an early train instead of the later bus helps, but not much. I definitely need a change in direction!001.JPG

at some point I will be updating everything. IW has some nifty developments, Grey Dominion the same and I’m working on reviews/hiking and event updates too!

So, too many ideas and not enough time! Sums up everything at the moment, so let’s crack on with it shall we? YAY!




We’ve all heard the phrase “Never take no for an answer,” but it’s easier said than done. Here, nine business moguls and Advisors in The Oracles tell us how their persistence paid off. 1. I made it on ‘Shark Tank.’ When I was asked to be on “Shark Tank,” I grabbed the opportunity as quickly as I…

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Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Take No for an Answer — Thrive Global