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MCM Comic Con Liverpool- several shoots, a panel, and lots of walking round!

So I survived my first two-day Comic Con event last weekend, and worked on a few videos, even though with so much going on, I know I missed a few. Still, Doctor Who/Star Wars/RWBY and the Saturday Masquerade were all good, as well as my Superclark 3 shoot!

I also went for a drink with Darth Vader and few others on Saturday, which was a bit bizarre, but fun.

It was packed, crowded and a bit claustrophobic, especially the Sunday, so I left early, missing out on seeing the Attack On Titan cast, but ah well, another time perhaps. I’ve posted Doctor Who/Rwby/Sherlock and Star Wars on Youtube and might work on the other three. Oh and do the rest of the pictures too, if I get the chance!



Autumn 2015- sort of, because it’s now Winter 2017!

autumn2015I went back to University last year, just on the Open Day to ask if there were any plans to actually print the Autumn 2015 Anthology. Next thing I know, it’s been taken off the website!

Anyway, it’s back online now. I think the funding for a print version fell through which was why it was put online in the first place. Even though the University has its own Publishing House.

My short story ‘A Riot in the Library’ is part of a collection of mainly poetry, and can be found on Pages 57-62. Though I wish I’d have written something better for the biographical section! Though looking back it seems the Editor copied it from one of my CV’s! Oh well, never mind Seamus!

Have to say I didn’t initially like the two-column layout at first, but think it’s grown on me.

Think there might be more life to the adventures of Sammy the Squirrel and Pat the Polar Bear, just have to wait and see won’t we boys and girls?!!


Autumn 2015– Edited by Seamus May

Short Stories by- Clare O’Conner/Michelle Roberts/Cath Bore

And Ian Cai Mercer

Poetry by-

Sean Street/Edward McCann/Joseph Roche/Dana Gioia/Julian May/Kayo Chingonyi/Jane Draycott/Andrew J. Newell/Kenneth Steven/Tom Pickard/Joel Pearce/Jordan Dobbins/Daisy March April May and Alison Brackenbury.

Now it’s just a case of seeing if the University will publish something else in the not-too distant future.

And here’s the link again to Inquisition, just in case you missed it the first or even second time!

Original post-



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Welcome to Anything can happen 2017!

Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. A Fresh Start, a New Beginning, the slate wiped clean.keep-calm-because-anything-can-happen-1

To start with- I went to the shop and bought some wellies. I think my subconscious might be trying to tell me something- that was an impulse buy. Maybe my little jaunt round Talacre taught me to be more prepared than I already usually am for whatever eventualities may occur. It looks like it’ll be an epic five-part video anyway, plus I haven’t updated the five year anniversary like I thought I would.

Another thing I am planning in advance is Dr. Rrr! Series 2. In amongst the tidying and sorting I have not watched much this Christmas. (Really? How about Deep Space 9 series 7, or Brave or Thunderbolt Fantasy, or Doctor Who- The Return of Doctor Mysterio/Hell Bent/Spearhead from space, or Yuri on Ice finale (yes, really!) or even last episode of series 6 of Game of Thrones, what a revelation at the end!)

Okay, I might have watched a few things, but nothing really Christmassy, unless you count Nativity 3 in school or Cinderella in New Brighton, but that was before Term ended. Rogue One doesn’t count as an Xmas film, but saw it twice, the second time enjoyed it a bit more, but definitely more darker than others, about same as ep 3 I expect, but the prequels don’t really count anyway, in my opinion.

So there we go, anything can happen now I’ve got some wellies. It’s like when Ford Prefect tells Arthur Dent in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that the only thing he needs to survive is a towel, so I guess that’s next on my shopping list.

For now though, I’m eating my first pizza of 2017 and watching the New Sherlock- now there’s an epic combo if ever there was one.

Happy 2017- Get ready and keep your wellies handy, ‘cos anything can Happen!!



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COSDAY 4- My Cosday Will Go On- 300TH VIDEO!

2016 New Year card or background with monkey.Happy New Year. Merry Christmas.
Year of the monkey!

2016 New Year card or background with monkey. Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Year of the monkey!


Well, this has been a bit different. Tidying, sorting, recycling revising old stories and CV, catching up on stuff, seeing Rogue 1 twice and planning Dr. Rrr Series 2.

In the midst of all that, I have even begun sorting photos and clips from last few hikes and compiled a compilation of the two dozen Comic Cons/Cosplay meets and events from 2016.


It’s been an awesome journey, trying out new things, especially Anime- Attack on Titan etc and learning new things/expanding my Cultural horizons. Chinese New Year was awesome, it’s still the Year of the Monkey, and a right cheeky one it has been!

Recently I’ve become fascinated and even captivated by the concept of Bunraku- Japanese Puppetry, something akin to Thunderbirds-style, indeed Starfleet was an 80’s Bunraku that was even more popular in the West than in Japan- it was a shame a fire destroyed the original puppets though. Thunderbolt Fantasy is a Taiwan-based show and something I’d like to emulate at some point- after Series 2 of Dr. Rrr though!

Anyway, 300 videos. Ever changing-ever learning, My Cosday will go on!



My Heart will go on Meets Metal

Lord of the Rings Meets Metal

Star Wars – The Force Theme/Rogue One

covers by Eric Calderone- 331EROCK on Youtube

Star Wars – The Force Theme/Rogue One Meets Metal


William Tell Overture HEAVY METAL MASHUP!!!


Ultimate cover n°8: Back to the future + “Double Back” (ZZ top)


Very special thanks once again!!



And, at least according to the Western Calender, probably my final post of the Year.

HAPPY 2017!!





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Anything can happen Tuesday- Scouse Drama and Dessert in Liverpool

anything-can-happen-tuesdays-1Anything Can Happen Tuesday seems to be turning into a reluctant/if I’m only bothered thing, not the epic hiking/trying new things and going new places originally envisaged back in September. That’s my own fault, I readily admit. I guess I have recently realised that I am stuck in a rut and nothing’s really changing. It’s not for lack of trying though; I just seem to be hitting a brick wall whichever way I turn.

One thing that is happening is when I go to Liverpool Network Theatre workshops and anything does happen, whether it’s pretending to be unruly 5 year olds at the dinner table, or in this case, trying and failing to do a reading of Boys from the Black Stuff and totally failing to do even a passable scouse accent. You’d have thought spending most of my time in Liverpool, even living there for 5 years, studying and occasionally working in the city, I’d have been able to master it. NOPE, nada, nothing going, bottom of the Class and sounding mostly brummie. Great, not the effect I was going for!

Actually, my own lineage and upbringing might have something to do with it. Dad from Widnes and Mum from Birmingham. Born in Whiston, part of Merseyside, but used to be Lancashire, A Woolyback with Irish and Welsh ancestry (and maybe a bit of Scots but not gone that far back yet, that was just a theory of my Mum’s I think) and some vocal training and Speech Therapy for eight years. But then, hold on Mr. M, what about all the puppetry I’ve been doing? The Tiglet Show had a dozen characters and Dr. Rrr and so on have all stretched my capabilities somewhat.

Anyhoo, accents I do need to work on, Professor Von Ool and Doc Bear will be featured more in Dr Rrr series 2. I can’t do a female voice for toffee, so need to ask some of my Actor friends if they want to do that (also Female Daleks/Zauria, 12thTimelady Dr and other characters I may think of) But I will make a bit more effort (or effat, Laaa!) and see if it is something I could master. (Or just give up on!)

Oh, and what about Dessert? Yes, went to the pub and got a strawberry Cone, very nice indeed, thank you for asking!





November Supermoon

025Well, this one was supposed to be better than the October one. I didn’t have my camera with me when it rose, so had to wait until I got home, by which time it became a pale dot. I must work on getting another camera with better zoom and focus that doesn’t blur as much!

I did get a couple of shots in Liverpool on Tuesday night, but same result. Well, whether it was from the back garden or a city centre, there wasn’t much difference, but I did look good anyway.

Now whether there’ll be another one in December that I can actually catch, that will be the next challenge!



AN EPIC JOURNEY- Two Years later

Sometimes things do not go as you would expect them to, life has a way of throwing a curveball every now and again.

The journey of bringing the EPIC! Anthology to publication is one such tale.

epic 4

So began the intro to my First ever Anthology Publication back in 2014. So, two years later, how is it going?? Well, not that well I think. I haven’t checked Amazon or the Facebook page to see how it’s going, so that’s something to do. I think it’s been a bit quiet because a few of the same Writers submitted stories for a semi-sequel ‘Courage’ which should have been published last year, but as far as I know has not materialised yet. Weirdly enough, my story- The Last Christmas of Planet Earth, featured an Alien Invasion of Liverpool with Alien Clowns, a bit disturbing with all the nonsense of idiots dressed up trying to scare people, though in one case it backfired when one got hit with a bottle- very disturbing indeed.

I’ve had a look and even though Omni reboot took down By the Lights of the Silvery Moons (because their Archives only last a year!) the other stories are still available to read and download.

So, here’s to EPIC! The Anthology-

And here’s A Riot in the Library in Autumn 2015 P. 57-62 (Even though I have just discovered the University has taken it down- typical!-


And Inquisition in Censorship magazine-

And An Adventure Beyond the Rabbit Hole on Bucket List Publications-

epic cover


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