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Events- Star Wars Characters and Carol Singers @ Liverpool Central Station

NOT a Comic Con, but featuring Order 66, a costuming group that raise money for charity, this was one of those Extraordinary-out-of-the-ordinary moments, when the everyday occurrence gets a surreal twist, like Darth Vader and Stormtroopers going into Costa for a coffee.144

This was Carol singing with the power of the Force added. As I said surreal!

I wasn’t going to go into Liverpool, but the Geeky Market in Warrington was dead, only a few cosplayers and the lashing rain was a big put-off as well, so I didn’t stay, getting the bus into Liverpool cause the trains were on strike.

I thought I had missed them, as no-one was around, then the Carol singers started and Santa Vader and co appeared. Funniest thing, seeing the ordinary meet the extraordinary at the Train Station, people caught unawares at the sight of Star Wars characters in Christmas getup alongside Carol singing- Darth Vader and the Sandtrooper dancing along, DV’s heavy breathing to the tune of Silent Night! Oh what fun.

And it wasn’t some strange publicity stunt, but fundraising for charity with The Lyons Children’s Foundation and Woodlands Hospice, along with Aintree Community Choir and Ladies Harmony Choir. Very diiferent day in Central station.

I really must get myself organised and edit the video, but for now, check out the pics and the pages of the groups.

Raised £1200.27 on the day, and had fun too!


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Thanks to Steve, Delroy and the rest of the gang!





Time for another video update, well over due anyway, like my Library books probably are!

I had thought about another 10-15 minute epic, but Eric Calderone’s Metal cover of Bohemian Rhapsody swayed me toward something quick and simple, although watching it back, there should have been a few tighter edits- though the end is probably one of the funniest things I saw all year.

There are a few new events I’ve been to- Bolton Comic Con, Lightnight Liverpool, as well as The Pirate Festival and Fire sessions with the Fire Project. I even took in a bit more architecture, though I’m not sure about Art Fairs anymore.

Wildlife has been a bit thin on the ground, seeing the Fox was great, but need to practice that a bit more. Comic Cons are still the main events, so I’m looking at going London or Birmingham this year.

And there were a few Welsh Castles, something else to finish off, at least in North Wales anyway.

So there you go, Any way the wind blows, the Best of 2018!




Yes, I know there’s only a couple of days till the end of 2018, but I’ve been doing a bit of filming and photography for New things, one of which is another spinoff from Infinite Whoniverses- a stop-motion/puppetry mini-series I’m calling The NeoDoctor Adventures, as it follows the 21st NDr. In the lead up to Series 6.

I wanted to make The Doctors Who Saved Christmas last year, but it didn’t snow, so I have had to create my own Snow planet set- not quite Hoth, but near enough, without any Wampa’s though!

So I will be casting voice actors and Narrator’s over the next couple of weeks and hopefully have a few episodes ready by the end of Jan/start of Feb 19!

GET READY! Here comes The NeoDoctor in her own series!



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“No one could’ve dreamed in the early years of the 21st century that First Contact with another Race from across the gulf of Space would irrevocably change every aspect of life on Earth,

I fell into a coma in 2018 and awoke nearly a decade later to a nightmare dystopic reality.

An Earth Irrevocably changed.

An Earth under the Grip of The Grey Dominion,”


That’s the state of the Grey Dominion at the moment. Working on characters and planning ahead, not rushing it. As you can see from the Trailer, here’s the First look into the heart of the Dominion and the Central Domeship, or MotherDomeship as it settled over the Atlantic ocean. The Grey Lord surrounded by Elite GreyTroopers.

I’m going to start working on revealing other Subject Races- the Yeti, Elven and Dragonmen. It’s an exciting time. Plus you can like and follow updates on my Grey Dominion page on Facebook too!

2019- Prepare for Contact!



The End of another Term


I made it to the end of another year at Millview, which was quite a surprise as I never intended to.

Over the past year I’ve been applying for jobs, sending CV’s and pitching ideas/stories, none of which have gotten me anywhere. Nothing has changed at all, well, except my credit card debt has increased, but nothing positive. So I’m still going back and forth like a game of eternal ping-pong. This past week alone has seen a diversion on the bus route, train delays and cancellations and I even got on the wrong train home and had to change to go back just two stops last night, not fun.


But it has been a good Term overall. Got to meet new Reception class while doing Mid-day cover, updated Safeguarding and brushed up on First Aid. Made a few new crafty-things, even though I’m no good at that, I’ll give it a go, including Dreamcatchers! Went to see Wizard of Oz at the Storyhouse with KS2.  got some great photos of Rory Mcgann’s art Mural. Won a few things at the Tombola at the Xmas fair, and had a challenge putting the marquee up, though it was easier taking it down! Even got to do some interview prep with my boss and take home three bags of food on the final day.


So it has been good, for the most part, I just wish I could teleport/fly/go through a mini-Stargate to beat the traffic once in a while!

At least I get a break over Christmas to recharge, refocus and get this Blogathon moving, as well as catch up editing/posting photos and videos. Although I did not go back to Chester Zoo, I did catch the tail end of the Saturnalia/Winterwatch parade, so that’s something new I have been meaning to do for a few years done.

And then I’ll be ready to get back into it in the New Year, for now, that’s my End of Term report!

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As well as not completing the short film this Christmas, I realised I haven’t told anyone I’ve changed the timescale. I’ve also committed a bit of a faux-pas, although you wouldn’t know about it unless you’ve read the short story, which I haven’t shared as I’ve been submitting it to magazines. So far it’s been rejected by Interzone and Asimov’s,

Anyway, in the first Trailer, I did sme model shots from Pierhead, Woodside Ferry and New Brighton. It was ok, but I have since come to realise that the ship flying down the River Mersey was NOT the Domeship known as MerseyDome, but actually a Grey Battlesaucer. “What’s the blinkin difference?” you may ask. Well, a Battlesaucer is a fighter/troopship combo and a Domeship is the Capital-city-sized vessel that makes up 999 of the fleet, with the Central Domeship three times as big.

Trouble is I haven’t actually designed a Domeship, apart from in my head It’s like a rugby ball, but just the top, the bottom being flat, with anti-gravity repulsers underneath. I’ll have to design it, or get someone to draw it. That’s what I need, my own Ralph McQuarrie-type concept artist who’ll draw it for me.

Yeah, there’s an idea- any takers??




So I’ve not been blogging about much lately, think that should change- one thing I have been focusing on is a new CV/Resume, using LinkedIn as the template- So here’s what I put about ITA/TVP-

Travel and Event photography and videography. I have built up a diverse portfolio over seven years. Began with Hiking/outdoors and Nature photography and expanded to include a variety of events/exhibitions/Comic Cons/Wildlife and Urban cityscapes. Currently working on Christmas lights/Winterscapes 2 projects.

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So there you go, a bit of an update!