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“Greetings Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to Defend the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan Armada”


Star Wars spawned many Space films and series in its conquest of the 70’s and 80’s. I missed the 40th Anniversaries of The Original Battlestar Galactica and Blake’s 7 last year, but it is the 35th Anniversary since the Frontier fell, so I thought I’d watch it again.

It is a pretty entertaining slice of the 80’s. Not quite as cheesy as you would think. There are a few things that they couldn’t get away with doing nowadays- like Louis swearing, looking at playboys and, well, generally being Louis.

The plot revolves around Alex Rogan, a Teenage handyman who fixes everything electrical in the Trailer Park where he lives. He desperately wants to get out of there, and he does, just not in a way he expected.

Beating the in-built high score, known as ‘The Record’ on the Video game Starfighter, Alex meets Centauri, who claims to have made the game and whisks Alex away in his car, which then flies off into Space and across the galaxy to Rylos and the orbiting moon which houses Starfighter Command.

Far from being overjoyed, Alex’s culture shock turns to horror when he realises what he has been conscripted into, especially when a hologram of Xur, the traitor who defected to the Ko-Dan appears and executes a spy in front of them.

Forced to return Alex home, Centauri is wounded by an assassin and leaves a cloned copy called Beta behind. Alex realises he has to fight, and he does, in the last Gunstar left, trained by Navigator Grig who helps him turn the tide against the Armada.


It is quite good, a fun rollercoaster with pretty good special effects and a great story. Now it’s being remade, hip-hip hoorah for nostalgia, as Hollywood, specifically Disney has been doing remakes of everything. Where’s the Original/New movies these days? I won’t go on about it here, but I think a Starfighter TV series would be better.

Anyway, it is a fun ride, just remember to hold tight and get ready for blast-off







If, as Churchill proclaimed, “history is written by the victors” then any account accepted by a cultural majority is a prescribed and biased narrative. Individual accounts of the same events rarely align, but on the national scale this becomes much more sinister. Taking charge of an information stream and manipulating events historically and in the […]

via From Empire to First Order: rewriting history to keep control — Raising a Rebel

From Empire to First Order: rewriting history to keep control — Raising a Rebel



001That’s right Earthlings/Marslings and any other lifeform picking up this transmission! I’ve been whittering/rambling on for nearly nine years on this blogsite! Some of it makes sense, but sometimes it hasn’t..

ANYWAY, From Saturday, I’ll officially begin the countdown, trying to write something everyday, even if it’s just reblogging other’s posts- It’s the Summer Blogathon where Anything can happen, Tuesday til Monday and then it starts all over again!

I’ll probably hit 900 posts by September. This one is 842-ish, so miles and miles to go before I sleeeeeep!

Better get cracking then hadn’t I?




59417548_2408654962487097_8479767392367411200_nI have been trying to get a job/Commission in the Media Entertainment industry since I was 15. I am now 45. I live in a small semi-detached Council house, in what’s been called a deprived, poor town in the North West of England, believe me, the Media Elites don’t come knocking on my door!.

Most people in my situation would have given up by now, I’m a persistent bugger. I decided to do what I could by myself and have made over 520 videos over the last six years and four published short stories, none of which I’ve been paid for. I have applied for a number of jobs at Disney, mainly with Lucasfilm and gotten nowhere. I’m still looking for a Silver Lining though.

My Hiking videos are my main passion, recording my experiences as I go along. I am having an epic catch up editing and posting, though I’ve started a new project that might take a while to finish.

The other main show is The Tiglet Show, which developed a few years after I started using my Tiger puppet as a hiking mascot back in 2012. This was mainly taking pictures of Tiglet to add to my hiking blogs, then ‘he’ began presenting hikes and it grew from there. I made other videos as ‘spoof’ trailers- A Game of Paws/TigTrek/Tigwars and even puppet Les Miserables!

So, putting a lot of ideas into the pot, I cooked up The Tiglet show, which was zany and had a few notable characters- Professor Von Ool, Ruby the Woozibot, Ewan the Supersheep and The GrumpyCats, my version of Waldorf and Statler, criticizing everything.

Other things I have tried are Tigcraft- craft making, which I’m not very good at and Mrs. Tiglets Cookery Blog, which again wasn’t that great.

Another thing I have been doing for nearly five years is Dr. Rrr, a puppet version of Doctor Who, so Tiglet is The Masterrr, Roary is Dr. RRR! And so on. I’m also doing stop-motion with Dalek toys and working on a couple of Short Film ideas. The first of these should be ready in the Summer.

Here is the link to my Youtube channel, most of the things I have mentioned are on my Creativity and Imagination playlist- The Tiglet show/Tiglet reads the Woozies at Chester Writers and other ideas-

On Linked In I have listed all my experience, skills, courses, certificates, publications and projects, of which there are 30.

Although that only lets you list fifty skills on the skills section and won’t let you change them, or at least it doesn’t for me! Other skills I would include are- that I am a Big Thinker and strategist, attuned to details and analytical/conscientious. My goals at the moment are looking at ways of turning Narratives into Metanarratives, thinking about the Bigger Picture. Marvel has done it with the Avengers storyline. Star Wars desperately needs a new direction.

All my projects are also listed on my Linked In profile, which I have used as a template for my new CV/Resume-


All of the above I wrote as an Essay for DISNEY/ABC 2020 WRITING PROGRAM over a week ago. I had to include two Scripts and a resume. Semi-finalists will be notified in November, with the Program starting in February2020. Do I stand a chance? Hell no!

I might actually make a new category/videoblog page. Call it something like- Frustrations of a Middle-aged Writer from the Backstreets of Nowhere. ‘Cos that’s what it is. The place down the back of the sofa where nothing really changes or improves. Stuck in the same old rut and going round in circles, chasing my own tail like Ouroborous. It’s my own Innovative Dilemma, but I’m still searching for a solution.

On a dark, cloudy, overcast and rainy day. I’m still looking for a silver lining.


Thronizing of the Epic Metanarrative-Doctor Who’s Metanarrative- Welcome to Infinite Whoniverses

IW55THThronizing of the Epic Metanarrative-

Doctor Who’s Metanarrative- Welcome to Infinite Whoniverses


By Ian Cai Mercer



“A Timelord? But they’re forbidden to interfere.” “This one calls himself The Doctor, and does nothing but interfere.”

The Cyber lieutenant and Cyber leader- Earthshock Part 2


With the 55th Anniversary Season over with (Series 11- or Season 37 if you’re counting from Season 26) I have been re-evaluating my own efforts. With 80 stories over four and a half years, plus Dr. Rrr’s guide to the Whoniverses and other sundry writings, there are two possible directions to go in.

The first, as originally envisaged, is to carry on series 6 and 7 in episodic form. The alternate approach is something I’ve called Thronizing of the epic Metanarrative. Yes, it’s that word again- Paracosm/Metanarrative- if you don’t get it yet, go see Avengers Endgame. 22 movies and a number of TV Series over 11 years led to the culmination in Avengers Endgame, a triumph in narrative storytelling. While the epic Fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire has seven published books, with two more to go, the TV adaptation has ended. The first book was in 73 chapters, each 3rd Person limited omniscient.  Nine characters are featured-

Eddard: 15 chapters

Catelyn: 11

Daenerys: 10

Tyrion: 9

Jon Snow: 9

Bran: 7

Sansa: 6

Arya: 5

Will: 1 (the Prologue)

The weaving together of each Narrative thread is 780 pages and over 300k words, but the shortest book in the series so far. It’s an interesting study and it crossed over into the TV version, with twenty four character threads that needed wrapping up in the final season. I wonder if it’s something I can do for IW.

So, whilst the majority of The Doctor’s Adventures have occurred in one universe, there have been occasional side trips- the 4th Universe/the Infernoverse/ Arthurverse/E-Space in the Classic series. The Alternate Earth with Cybermen/House and a couple of others in the new series. I’ve started over a dozen storylines with Alternate Doctors, each weaving together in seven series, with an option for more storylines afterward. The question is do I attempt it? I’m thinking, with the lack of time, plus how the Neodoctor stop-motion mini-series still hasn’t been finished, then no, at least not yet. NDA was supposed to be a prelude, but having technical problems with Youtube means I’m gonna have to find another platform for videos and I’m still trying to catch up with other things.

Anyway, there’s an update at least. Things will be moving forward, even if it is just at a snail’s pace- we will get there eventually!



A long time ago, between 2017 and 2018, it was good times for Star Wars. Disney announced two new trilogy movies, one by Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s Rian Johnson and another by Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss. That was before the dark times, before the slowdown… Last week we found […]

via Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie Trilogy Helmed By Benioff & Weiss, Another Streamed Show May Be In The Works — Comics Pit

Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie Trilogy Helmed By Benioff & Weiss, Another Streamed Show May Be In The Works — Comics Pit



StarWars_3D_OneSheet%20(Medium)-5628It was the 20th Anniversary of Jar Jar Binks being inflicted on the world last weekend. Well, more than that. The Origins of The Empire/Clone Wars/Imperial Senate/Jedi and Darth Vader are all introduced here. All the brief hints/mentions from Episode 4, 5 and 6 get fleshed out in the Prequel Trilogy.


There is more than meets the eye going on, while Podracing/trade disputes and Binksy are just distractions and toy marketing opportunities for Lucas, the deeper story is of Palpatine’s machinations and manipulations of the Senate Trade rules/ the Jedi and the Sith-coming out party with his alter ego Sidious and sacrificial Sith Darth Maul.

While it was something unexpected, it did set the scene for the rest of the saga. The shocking death of Qui Gon Jinn was like the execution of Ned Stark at the end of Season 1 of Game of Thrones.

I Might have to look for some cosplay ideas- Trooper Bob hasn’t made an appearance recently, but something new sounds good. Though Dewie the Wookie went down well at Widnes Library and Comic Con, so heaving him around looks like it may become a new thing for TVP this year, oh yay!


While one of the best films of all time is Star Wars Episode 5- The Empire Strikes Back. I was initially disappointed with the release of the Last Jedi in December 2017.

I went to see it twice, once by myself and then with my nephews Andrew and Ben.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and The Force Awakens was released, there were comparisons drawn with A New Hope, but TLJ seemed to be a complete rip off of Empire Strikes Back.

I felt conflicted about both the story and characterisation. Especially Luke. The opening battle looked like it was in slow-motion. Then, partway through. After the bridge was blown out, Leia suddenly comes back to life and flies across space. Then over halfway through the film a new character turns up, takes over and belittles one of the main new characters in a shockingly sexist way while there’s a slow chase, a very slow chase, like two tortoises racing takes place.

And they were just a few niggly-wiggly plot points that should have been weeded out in draft form or at shooting stage or even edited out of the final cut.

So I didn’t know what to make of it. Fast Forward to the summer and Youtube is on fire with critics and fans ranting about this, that and Solo. I guess it was easy to follow the bandwagon, seemingly betrayed by Lucasfilm and Disney.

Anyway, I read the novelisation and it seemed to make more sense. Luke’s story is expanded, Leia’s training is alluded to and the moment I referred to as ‘Mary Poppins in space’ is actually described quite well, from Leia’s point of view. It isn’t the first time someone has used The Force to do something extraordinary and impossible- how about Luke scoring the bullseye with those Torpedoes against The Death star? Stretching out a hand to make his Lightsaber fly out of the ice and disarm a Wampa? Acrobatics on Dagobah and Bespin and other examples? Even Yoda spinning round fighting Dooku made me gasp, other people cheered and a few jeered. The Cinema was packed for Episode 1, but not for 8.

THE major difference with the novelisation is that everything is given a backstory, an explanation or a reason to happen. Even Holdo is more sympathetic. It’s more rounded and deeper- actually seeing the events unfold from each Characters Point of view, not something that can be done easily in a movie.

And yes, having seen the DVD again, it does make better sense; even Laura Dern’s Holdo is a bit more likeable, with the sexist put-down line cut.

Still not the best of the bunch, but after reading the book version, it’s okay.


So, question becomes- what’s next? There’s enough material to cherry-pick from Legends to make a few new Trilogies and Series from. Old Republic/origins of the Jedi/ Sith War/ Founding of the Republic etc. The new trilogy could be episodes 10/11 and 12, but Prequels-to-the-Prequels or something else. With the 50th Anniversary in 2027, perhaps Lucasfilm should adapt the MCU Model- have films out in phases, this is phase 1 still. Phase 2 could be set in Another Galaxy far, far away, phase 3 the cluster of galaxies and so on.

It may be the Creative direction the franchise has needed.

Just a thought.



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