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Ian’s Travelblog Adventures 2017- Where on Earth (and beyond!) is ITA going these Days?

119He might have gone round the wall, off the reservation, into the great big beyond. Those might be some answers I’d have, if I was being the new Mr. Man character- Mr. Sarcy-pants.

Okay, I will admit the hiking might have seemed to have flown South for the Winter and needs a new GPS system to find its way home again. Not that I’ve given up on it, but time, money (LACK OF BOTH), resources (old boots etc) and work has meant putting updates off time and again, though videos have been pretty-well kept updated, it’s been a nightmare, not quite of Elm Street-proportions, but close enough!

So, I merged both Tiglet’s Travels and ITA last year, creating ‘Tigletverse Travel and Photography’, with one Facebook page (please Like!) and not much up on Pinterest recently. The Blog/Storysite badly needs updating, but I thin I may have found a better page/platform for the whole shebang! It is difficult to try and keep things updated, even remotely interesting, but I shall persevere. That brings me to my next point- There is a possibility I’ve been humming-and-harring about over the past few months and I think it’s time to put it to the test, try it out and see if if works, if not, aha well, meandering Mercer will find something else to do I suppose. I’ve been using 500 Miles by the Proclaimers meets metal cover by Eric Calderone, but thinking of changing it, maybe to Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin, or Manic Monday by the Bangles, but favourite so far is Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway. Just have to see how it goes. Better get hiking then hadn’t I? Just watch out for blisters!

So, there it is the BIG update- I’ve been to Talacre Beach/Dinas Bran castle / Chinese New Year / Went sightseeing with a Friend from L.A. / been to West Kirby Marine Lake for an awesome sunset, as well as from Halton castle. Watch the vids, look at the pics, hopefully on a new platform by the end of the month (or month after that!) and maybe, just maybe, we might get some organisation round here!

That would make a nice change wouldn’t it?!






STAR WARS REBELS and the Snaggletooth Quest

4th alwaysMay The 25th be with you! Belatedly of course. Seems the 40th Anniversary of the release of Episode 4 a New Hope slipped through my fingers like Star Systems through Governor Tarkin’s, as Leia said it would!


Anyway, Rebels series 3 has just finished, following Ezra Bridger and the rag-tag crew of the Ghost, a Millennium Falcon-type ship that seems to be part setting up ANH and the New Trilogy and part product-placement for Disney toys.

So after the climatic finale Zero Hour I watched Rogue One and A New Hope back-to-back, which was a great watch, though the ending of R1 was a bit abrupt, but tied in well to the start of ANH.

I’m playing the first Star Wars Battlefront game on the ps2 again, so I may have to blog that at some point!

I also went to Warrington Market Comic Con at the weekend, which was okay, but saw more toys for sale. I bought an AST-5 for five pounds at For the love of Sci-Fi in December, so have been looking at other stuff. The price of original Kenner-edition toys are bloody ridiculous though, you would think Lucasfilm would just remake them, but a bit better, especially Darth Vader. I must have had about half a dozen headless Vaders- looked like some kind-of Robot without a head!

the snaggletooth quest1

Anyway, I’ve since come to the conclusion that all this ‘collectability’ nonsense is just that. Looking out for a red or blue Snaggletooth that costs at least £80 is a bit of a ripoff. So I’m giving that quest up and just going to enjoy whatever happens with Rebels and The Last Jedi, though it will probably be about Luke giving up the Light and the dark and being like the Bendu, be the one in the middle.

One thing I did like was watching Boogie Storm- the dancing Stormtroopers, complete with Meco’s 70’s Disco theme!


Time to get groovy and Feel the funkyside of the Force!!




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COSDAY 4- My Cosday Will Go On- 300TH VIDEO!

2016 New Year card or background with monkey.Happy New Year. Merry Christmas.
Year of the monkey!

2016 New Year card or background with monkey. Happy New Year. Merry Christmas. Year of the monkey!


Well, this has been a bit different. Tidying, sorting, recycling revising old stories and CV, catching up on stuff, seeing Rogue 1 twice and planning Dr. Rrr Series 2.

In the midst of all that, I have even begun sorting photos and clips from last few hikes and compiled a compilation of the two dozen Comic Cons/Cosplay meets and events from 2016.


It’s been an awesome journey, trying out new things, especially Anime- Attack on Titan etc and learning new things/expanding my Cultural horizons. Chinese New Year was awesome, it’s still the Year of the Monkey, and a right cheeky one it has been!

Recently I’ve become fascinated and even captivated by the concept of Bunraku- Japanese Puppetry, something akin to Thunderbirds-style, indeed Starfleet was an 80’s Bunraku that was even more popular in the West than in Japan- it was a shame a fire destroyed the original puppets though. Thunderbolt Fantasy is a Taiwan-based show and something I’d like to emulate at some point- after Series 2 of Dr. Rrr though!

Anyway, 300 videos. Ever changing-ever learning, My Cosday will go on!



My Heart will go on Meets Metal

Lord of the Rings Meets Metal

Star Wars – The Force Theme/Rogue One

covers by Eric Calderone- 331EROCK on Youtube

Star Wars – The Force Theme/Rogue One Meets Metal


William Tell Overture HEAVY METAL MASHUP!!!


Ultimate cover n°8: Back to the future + “Double Back” (ZZ top)


Very special thanks once again!!



And, at least according to the Western Calender, probably my final post of the Year.

HAPPY 2017!!





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Anime 101- Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)


“There is a wild fire inside you, burning desire you can’t extinguish

Your crimson arrow rips through the twilight; this is the moment for war!”

Guren No Yumiya- Attack on Titan theme- Linked Horizon/Hiroyuki Sawano- English lyrics by Ama Lee

I can’t believe how much the Anime Attack on Titan has smashed its way into my life and grabbed my imagination over the last few months.

I’ve been aware of it for some time, but after a friend cosplayed the Colossal Titan, I watched the whole First Series, in a week. It also helped that I got into the soundtrack at the same time, and bought the first issue of the manga.

“The Peaceful times are what make us blind”- Reluctant Heroes- Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI

I thought the jackets were reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica, but this ain’t any Space Opera but a dystopian tale of a Human city under siege by people-eating giants called Titans.

“You can’t hide yourself, you can’t run, we’re fighting for our lives and we just cannot lose again. There’s not much time, be ready to fight. Do it!”- DOA- Hiroyuki Sawano and Aimee Blackschleger

When young Eren Jaeger witnesses his mother being eaten, he escapes with friends Mikasa and Armin and swears revenge. He trains hard and graduates with a number of others just in time to witness a Colossal Titan break through another wall.




In a shocking twist,


(You’ve been told once, last chance to turn back before the spoiler- LAST WARNING!!!)


Eren somehow manages to transform himself into a Titan and begins his mission of vengeance. (I did warn you twice you know!) This shocking Revelation has far-reaching repercussions for both civilian and military castes of the city, culminating in a truly shocking finale.

“One on the right, two on the left.” “Captain, the reinforcements are here Sir.” “Good, tend to our comrade below Petra. You two, take out the one to the right. The pair on the left belong to me”

Captain Levi of the Survey Corps- Episode 9

Two of my favourite characters debut in episode 9- Captain Levi and Zoe Hange are in the Survey Corps, who go beyond the walls to fight the Titans. Levi has an amazing introduction to the tune of Reluctant Heroes while Hange is the crazy scientist who studies Titans

Levi pulls no punches, especially with Eren. His backstory is told in a spin-off called No Regrets and is an excellent intro to Levi.

“You’re sure in a talkative mood today.” “So what if I am? Doesn’t mean I was talking to you.”

Eren and Levi. Episode 24

What makes AoT work is its emotional depth, Japanese Anime is vastly different from Western Cartoons and is more mature and complex than most of what I grew up with, though Transformers itself was a westernised variation of Anime. This is quite action packed, brutal and graphic in its depiction of a dystopic society, the Titan threat a backdrop to the characters journeys and the political factions within the Walls.

“So you can’t fly if you never try”- Reluctant Heroes- Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI

Not really being into Manga/Anime, AoT has become something of a benchmark to measure up against. And I have watched so many, tried a lot but only stuck with a few- Owari no Seraph/Rwby/Miraculous Ladybug/Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Ai no Exorcist are current favourites, though I have watched bits of shows like Fate:Stay/Night, Fairytail, Beelzebob, Naruto and Pokemon, which always goes over my head!

“I lost my dreams, in this disaster”- Calling out Your Name- Hiroyuki Sawano, MPI and CASG

The soundtrack album is also amazing. The music of Hiroyuki Sawano is comparable to Western composers like John Williams and John Barry (yes he is THAT good!) I love Reluctant Heroes/DOA/Calling out your Name/Vogel im Kofig and all the other tracks, although I prefer the first opening theme tune, Guren no Yumiya rather than the second- Jiyuu no Tsubasa. I do hope they return to the first theme in the second series.

Overall- 10 Billion/10 Billion- yes it is that good!

Now all we need is Series Two!


“Song for the Reluctant Heroes,

Oh give me your strength,

our life is too short.

Song for the Reluctant Heroes.

I wanna be brave, like you.

From my Heart”-

Reluctant Heroes- Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI





Dr. RRR’s Guide to the WHOniverse – IW S4 OVERVIEW AND FANFIC FEST

Mr. Tiglet's Blog


I know I know, it’s a bit late- Having an overview/look back at Series 4 of IW and thinking ahead to what’s on the Horizon.

Well, it took a blinking long time to complete! That’s the most obvious point- April until September, well as usual my excuse is that life/work/family/friends/chores/hiking and other sundry stuff got in the way. I wanted to do more, but that all went down the drain, especially trying to finish it. More on that later, but the fact that several stories had been completed/nearly finished meant, or should have meant that it would all go smoothly. It didn’t.

Dr. Rrr was meant to take up the slack, but deciding to just do videos did not help either. My personal favourite story has to be Rose Tyler and the Mannequin Monsters as a World Without the Doctor story. But the biggest nightmare was the Finale, what eventually…

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Dr. RRR- Series 1 completed!

I drowned the TARDIS in the summer and finally came up with a story for it!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

shipwrecked-coverThe last two parts of Series 1 of Dr. Rrr are on my YouTube channel, so give them a watch and a like!

Doctors Assemble was shot at Southport Comic Con, hilarious moment when a remote-controlled Dalek got trapped by a bunch of Cosplayers and Dr. Rrr.

Shipwrecked was even more complicated as I had drowned the TARDIS off New Brighton on two days over the summer, then Roary on a dune in-between Hoylake and West Kirby, then I had the strange notion of having Tiglet as the Masterrr get marooned, so set off for Formby, so that makes it the 50th adventure for Infinite Whoniverses- not bad at all.

So, I’m taking a break- yes Dr. Rrr’s Guide to the Whoniverse may come back, there’s the Halloween Special (with Vampires and OMG- The ending is gut-wrenchingly sad- get the hankies ready!) BUT There is some exciting news- which…

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Why am I still Single?

I realised just recently how long it has been since my last ‘serious’ relationship- 10 years.

That’s right- a decade, doesn’t feel like a stellar achievement, not like six years writing this blog or working in a school, just the exact opposite, a bit depressing at times. It was something I rushed into and ended up regretting for a very long time, but life’s like that- everything and everyone constantly in motion, on the move every day, back-and-forth like yoyos. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t jumped into anything. Oh I did go through a phase of online dating, but reality rarely met expectations, like The Soufflé Girl from Asylum of the Daleks. Because I learned that people do exaggerate and lie on their online profiles.

I won’t go into any details of my dating disasters, maybe I have expectations that are too high and are never met, perhaps sometimes I am too unrealistic maybe?

Another thing I’ve found is when I fall for someone, I fall hard and fast, so when I crash back to Reality, well, I guess the fallout and crater impact are pretty awful sometimes. It’s easy to ‘feel’ infatuated, but what do you do when the object of your affection doesn’t return it or just ignores you? Life throws its curveballs hard and fast, so if you don’t catch it then it knocks you off your feet and onto the cold, hard concrete. (I might have paraphrased a Taylor Swift song there, oh dear!) (I think it’s ‘I knew you were trouble’, maybe??)

Falling flat on your backside, getting winded and confused is another part of the fallout, yet you have to back away and get a grip before you make an even bigger fool of yourself, which I’ve had to do a few times, and it is a difficult thing to do, but necessary for your own sanity.

Anyway, I have come up with a picture that might be a better alternative than swimming around in misery and confusion. I have to say I have been to a few beaches in the UK- Skegness and Hornsea on the East Coast, Exeter and Minehead in the South, Blackpool, New Brighton, West Kirby, Hoylake, Formby, Southport and even Hale in North West and Rhyl, Talacre, Prestatyn, somewhere on Anglesey (can’t remember where) and Aberystwyth in Wales. So found a picture from Hoylake beach- Looking toward the Horizon, off beyond Hilbre Island to Wales and beyond. Might be an interesting metaphor of where I am at. So giving it a go-

Imagine you are sitting on a Beach; it is a sunny, glorious summer day. Maybe you’re sat on a towel or on a deckchair, perhaps sunning yourself or sat underneath the welcome shade of an umbrella. Whatever you like.

The Beach isn’t packed, but there are a lot of people/activities going on around you. There is a bbq going, kids throwing Frisbees and building sandcastles, a dog chasing seagulls, couples holding hands, something of a party in the distance. There are also games- football, volleyball, more football, people flying kites, boats and surfboards on the waves.

Then something catches your attention. A solitary figure just on the Horizon. Faraway, yet moving closer.

In the midst of all the activities, all the distractions around you, they captivate your attention fully. Curious, you strain your eyes to see what is different. You can tell it’s a Woman, a golden Goddess, radiant, gliding along the sand.

And she is heading right towards you.

Straightaway you want to jump up, run over and greet her before anything else catches her attention. She could go over to the bbq, join in a game, meet someone else along the way or change direction and head to the water’s edge.

But no, you stay put, right where you are, enjoying the day. Basking.

Why be worried about something that may or may not even happen?

So you shrug and look away. Watch sandcastles being constructed by future Architects, see someone step into a hole in the sand and laugh at themselves, you sniggering with them. It is such a glorious day.

Then you glance back, she is still approaching you, clearer than before, but still far-off. Maybe you should get up, stretch your legs and go for a wander? Ask if she’d like some company (you wouldn’t mind some just for a change)

But stay put, let her approach you.

Eventually, she is getting nearer, and has noticed you, but still heading in your direction.

It looks like this could be an interesting day after all.


Okay, may sound like Wishful Thinking, (of which I am the god, king and lord majestic Emperor of!) But I do like the imagery, the metaphor of just being still, not rushing headlong over a romanticised cliff edge and into a heart-breaking pit of oblivion as usual.

Maybe playing the waiting game may not sound like the best strategy, but having done all the others and rushing headlong where Angels fear to tread has never worked out, so let’s try something else shall we?


Because you never know who or what may be coming your way.


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