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If, as Churchill proclaimed, “history is written by the victors” then any account accepted by a cultural majority is a prescribed and biased narrative. Individual accounts of the same events rarely align, but on the national scale this becomes much more sinister. Taking charge of an information stream and manipulating events historically and in the […]

via From Empire to First Order: rewriting history to keep control — Raising a Rebel

From Empire to First Order: rewriting history to keep control — Raising a Rebel



001That’s right Earthlings/Marslings and any other lifeform picking up this transmission! I’ve been whittering/rambling on for nearly nine years on this blogsite! Some of it makes sense, but sometimes it hasn’t..

ANYWAY, From Saturday, I’ll officially begin the countdown, trying to write something everyday, even if it’s just reblogging other’s posts- It’s the Summer Blogathon where Anything can happen, Tuesday til Monday and then it starts all over again!

I’ll probably hit 900 posts by September. This one is 842-ish, so miles and miles to go before I sleeeeeep!

Better get cracking then hadn’t I?





It’s a new cover for Infinite Whoniverses Series 6, which hasn’t been updated in, like, forever!





“Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me.”


SHATTER ME, performed by Lindsay Stirling and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is an awesome duet. It’s the song that makes you fall in love with dubstep violins.


At times it feels like such a melancholic track. When you feel like you’re just going through the motions and desperately need an epic change of direction or 180’ turnaround or paradigm shift.


It would also make an awesome theme tune. If I ever get round to making my Star Wars fan fiction film ‘Another Chance’ about the Survivors of Alderaan and Officers aboard the Death Star, then this’ll be it.

I actually found it when I was looking for the Attack on Titan spin off No Regrets about Levi. Someone had made a music video

Levi/Attack on Titan AMV-


Then I used it for the theme of the first Cosplay get together in 2017. While roaming round the Museum and Library, saw a video with Tim Peake aboard the Space Station, so had to include a shot of him- Awesome!

My post on LS Facebook page-




Ian’s Travelblog 19- Looking back at Woodhouse Hill and Helsby Hill circular trail 2018


These are the Epic Adventures and Travelling Tales of Ian Cai Mercer and Mr. Tiberius Tiglet.

Ian Cai Mercer is an Antevasin, a wanderer, writer, poetic lonely soul and philosophical rambler.

Seeking out New experiences, new destinations, to Boldly Amble where he’s not Ambled Before!

Tiglet sometimes offers an alternate perspective, and can even take over too.


There is something to be said about getting your feet out of the door and going on a great big Adventure.

As I am particularly fond of the Grieg sketch with Andre Previn from Morecombe and Wise, as Eric said- “I’m playing all the right notes, not necessarily in the right order, I’ll give you that sunshine!” So here you’ll find me referring in the videos to hikes I have already done, but maybe not shared yet. Don’t worry though, it will all become clear. At least clearer than at the moment!

So, to catch up on places been to, I have edited a few hikes from last year I didn’t originally post on Youtube. The (nearly) Circular trail for Woodhouse Hill and Helsby Hill was from 50 Walks in Lancashire and Cheshire by Jon Sparks, AA Publishing 2005. So the book is a bit dated. I haven’t actually done many walks in the book and actually went off this partway through.

This time I missed off the Iron Age Hillfort remains on Woodhouse, following Joes path rather than the section of the Sandstone Trail I have hiked along before.

I wanted to end the walk atop Helsby Hill, but the rain put me off, but it was a good hike, a lot of musing over places I’ve been and ideas of where I’d like to go. Of course, little did I know back then that I’d spend the next seven months doing staff cover, so all my little walking plans went bye-bye like Dorothy in a hurricane.


So, another mini-epic over and done with, what’s next?!




I’ve been working on editing videos and photos recently. Trying to catch up on the backlog of the never-ending to do list. I’ve still got a number of events and comic cons, but nearly caught up on hikes. Trying to find a sunset at Albert dock and a stroll round Chester are the latest ones.

Seeing a Smooth-Hound Shark at New Brighton while at the River Festival a few weeks ago made me realise I need to go on more coastal walks thid summer.

Anyway, that’s 530 videos up on my Youtube channel. With a bunch more to edit and post.


new vids!


busy busy busy at Mercer Central as catching up on three dozen videos for Tigletverse Photography.

Mostly it’s been hiking and events over the last year- Red rocks/Wirral festival of firsts/Liverpool Makefest/Upton Scarecrow trail from last year, while hikes from 18 and Jan 19, so far, plus Halton Comic Con and Chavassic Park, which has led me te rewatch Jurassic Park!

So, still lots to go, including a New Scarecrow Trail, in the meantime, here’s last years!