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Innovative Ian’s Dilemmas- going to the upside down

BBRHjwjI’m unsure which I’m looking forward to most- Game of Thrones 8 or Stranger Things 3. It’s a dilemma because it means I’ll need to re-watch one again.

I saw Thrones before Christmas and reread the novels, so I might have a Stranger Things binge at some point. Thrones 8 is April, yet have to wait ‘til the summer for Things.

It is a dilemma, just not much of one really!

In the meantime, got a new Trailer for Grey Dominion to edit and it is Chinese New Year- Say Ni Hao to the Year of the Pig! I tried making a card in school, but that bombed out, as usual.

Anyway, all this rumbling round my head on a spin-cycle had me dream up a new Stranger Project, so I’ll be doing some test shots over the next week or so.

In the meantime- Welcome to the Year of the Pig, let’s see if Babe can fly!


photo of red paper lanterns

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Events- Star Wars Characters and Carol Singers @ Liverpool Central Station

NOT a Comic Con, but featuring Order 66, a costuming group that raise money for charity, this was one of those Extraordinary-out-of-the-ordinary moments, when the everyday occurrence gets a surreal twist, like Darth Vader and Stormtroopers going into Costa for a coffee.144

This was Carol singing with the power of the Force added. As I said surreal!

I wasn’t going to go into Liverpool, but the Geeky Market in Warrington was dead, only a few cosplayers and the lashing rain was a big put-off as well, so I didn’t stay, getting the bus into Liverpool cause the trains were on strike.

I thought I had missed them, as no-one was around, then the Carol singers started and Santa Vader and co appeared. Funniest thing, seeing the ordinary meet the extraordinary at the Train Station, people caught unawares at the sight of Star Wars characters in Christmas getup alongside Carol singing- Darth Vader and the Sandtrooper dancing along, DV’s heavy breathing to the tune of Silent Night! Oh what fun.

And it wasn’t some strange publicity stunt, but fundraising for charity with The Lyons Children’s Foundation and Woodlands Hospice, along with Aintree Community Choir and Ladies Harmony Choir. Very diiferent day in Central station.

I really must get myself organised and edit the video, but for now, check out the pics and the pages of the groups.

Raised £1200.27 on the day, and had fun too!


The Lyons Children’s Foundation-

Woodlands Hospice-

 5th Legion-

Order 66 Cosplay group-

Imperial Order 66 UK



Fusion’s future –Croxteth-

Thanks to Steve, Delroy and the rest of the gang!



Star Wars 101- Galaxies and Stardust (1/2)

 Where is the Star Wars galaxy in the Universe? I’ve been using my knowledge of Astronomy to muse over that one for a while.

It all began a long time ago, in a Cinema not so far away when a young Mercer watched STAR WARS EPISODE FIVE- THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK for the first time on the big screen, then on TV every Christmas, then on video, then back on cinema for the Special Edition, then on DVD Special Edition and then the Box Set with Original version and Special Edition together.


I’ve even watched it again over the holidays, just the Original version though.

In the Final scene, Luke, Leia and the droids watch as Lando and Chewie leave to find Han Solo.

The backdrop is of the Rebel Fleet in space with a large galaxy in the background. For years this was misinterpreted as being outside the galaxy, now it’s being called a protostar, both assumptions are wrong.

Firstly, the starfield around the fleet means that it is inside the galaxy, as being ‘outside’ would have a void, or at least very few stars. The Falcon then flies OVER it and to one side away, and then the fleet head off away from it too- so clearly not heading into it.


Secondly, ILM made those shots after Lucas asked for clarification of Luke etc in position to the Falcon, hence the window showing outside. In the Special Edition rerelease, it was changed to a reddish nebula (but I don’t really care about them, it’s the Original versions that matter, though that’s just my preference)

Anyway, calling it a Protostar ignores the spiral shape, plus the fact that it looks a hell of a lot like the Andromeda galaxy, especially the closer shot of the Falcon flying over the arms. I’ve seen many different pictures of it, as I set my Intergalactic version of Romeo and Juliet in it and it’s the main setting for my Intergalactic Crime and War serial Rebirth!

As Andromeda is the largest galaxy in the Local Group of Galaxies, it makes sense that a digital rendering making use of parts of it to show a nearby Intergalactic neighbour- call it Galaxy 2. It’s led to some speculation that the SW galaxy is actually Triangulum, but how far is ‘far, far away’ anyway? That implies massive distances and my theory is it lies somewhere beyond a Billion light years, but it’s up to Lucasfilm and Disney to set some stories beyond the Main galaxy. There were the Nagai and Yuuzhan Vong invasions in the old comics and New Jedi Order books, but whether they will be included in the New Canon in some form or another is yet to be seen.

Either way, it’s a First Step into a Larger world, as Obi Wan Kenobi said, but that’s a topic for another time!

Oh, and by the way? The cinema where I saw it was The Empire Cinema in Widnes, where I also saw ET/Superman 1 and 2/Return of the Jedi!


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Time for another video update, well over due anyway, like my Library books probably are!

I had thought about another 10-15 minute epic, but Eric Calderone’s Metal cover of Bohemian Rhapsody swayed me toward something quick and simple, although watching it back, there should have been a few tighter edits- though the end is probably one of the funniest things I saw all year.

There are a few new events I’ve been to- Bolton Comic Con, Lightnight Liverpool, as well as The Pirate Festival and Fire sessions with the Fire Project. I even took in a bit more architecture, though I’m not sure about Art Fairs anymore.

Wildlife has been a bit thin on the ground, seeing the Fox was great, but need to practice that a bit more. Comic Cons are still the main events, so I’m looking at going London or Birmingham this year.

And there were a few Welsh Castles, something else to finish off, at least in North Wales anyway.

So there you go, Any way the wind blows, the Best of 2018!


Xmas Blogathon 2018/2019- How’s it going so far?

With 12 more posts to go before 800, I’ve been fairly consistent over the past week, even if a few times I’ve had nothing finished and just copied and pasted one of puppetry/story projects from my Linked In Projects list!

So January 14th should be the 800th, just got to finish a few things in order to get there!


I do have something new, but it’s a bit late to go through the rigmarole of putting it up, copying and pasting, so it’ll be in the morning when I get round to it.

I’ve just seen Crimes of Grindlevald for the second time, so want to post something about that at some point!


For now, how’s it going? Not bad, not bad at all!




What’s to review?

So I know a few other people are writing about End of Year/what they’ve accomplished etc etc.

Me? I’ve been reading and watching stuff to review, trying to catch up on photo and video editing, so not much progress there.

I have updated and tried turning my Linked In profile into a new CV, which is okay, they left out loads in the conversion to pdf, but it’s a start.

So, here’s a taste of what I’ve been up to lately-

Happy 2019!




Most of the back row, plus most of the cats have gone walkaboutO my Muppety Goddess! Where did this exercise in cringyness appear from? Talk about Catty-crazy baby! All the episodes gathered together- oh what fun we had!