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gd2With Easter Holidays here, I’m doing a bit of work on updating GD and moving things forward- so get ready for a Gamechanger!

In the meantime, here’s the trailers so far.

I had originally planned to get it all done by Christmas 2018, but realised in September I didn’t have the time. Now I think it will be the summer- just don’t hold your breath!


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And yes, I am still looking for characters, it’s about time I got a move on with the Live Action stuff!!






Birthday Blog- Couldn’t organise a riot in a Tea bag? Really?!

45Made an innocuous comment in the Nanowrimo Writing group last night on Facebook, a bit facetiously, but it’s got me thinking- how organised am I?

It was to do with Camp Nano, a monthly challenge I’ve never actually had the time to do. So I said I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t organise a riot in a T-Bag.

I am a bit more organised than that, but my problem is I’m easily distracted, I lose focus, don’t prioritise and then give up. I’m a juggling Octopus, but end up dropping several balls at once. Good job I can’t juggle firesticks then, ‘cos the whole tent would be up in flames!

Disturbing Circus imagery aside, I do get stuck in a creative rut quite a lot. That happened with Grey Dominion last weekend. I gave up and watched Bill and Ted and Westworld, which inspired a new trailer for GD, so am slowly putting that together. It’s taken me nearly a week to move forward with it, but that’s the way I work, slowly and methodically- don’t rush me, like the Tortoise said to the Hare.

Anyway, made myself a Birthday cup of Tea, gonna stir it round, squeeze it a bit, see if I can get a riot started.

Anything can happen- it’s Anything can happen Thursday!


PS- The T-bag got wet, squished and lumpy. Guess that went well then! What a way to start Year 45 of life!



Innovative Ian’s Dilemmas- getting stuck in a rut and trying to get out again.

I want to break free. Yes it’s an awesome Queen song, but sums up my life, as does the cover of my new-ish notebook. “Too many ideas, not enough time” it says. Yep, that about sums up my life at the mo, doing a bit of lunch cover til the Easter Hols, getting an early train instead of the later bus helps, but not much. I definitely need a change in direction!001.JPG

at some point I will be updating everything. IW has some nifty developments, Grey Dominion the same and I’m working on reviews/hiking and event updates too!

So, too many ideas and not enough time! Sums up everything at the moment, so let’s crack on with it shall we? YAY!




We’ve all heard the phrase “Never take no for an answer,” but it’s easier said than done. Here, nine business moguls and Advisors in The Oracles tell us how their persistence paid off. 1. I made it on ‘Shark Tank.’ When I was asked to be on “Shark Tank,” I grabbed the opportunity as quickly as I…

via Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Take No for an Answer — Thrive Global

Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Take No for an Answer — Thrive Global



“In 2019, the Grey took over the Earth.

Ten years later, it’s about time we took it back.

Grey Earth- Bound. The Revolution begins.



Lucius Leroy Jakaaran. 28/02/2029CE


There’s yet another trailer up for GD, short but sweet. LLJ sends out the call to arms.

Now the Next phase of the project is to get the characters cast, something to do over half term!

So LLJ and his sister LORETTA- Human characters, non-white Northern. DARIEL- Elven female. CAPTAIN FAIRFAX- White female. JANIE KUZAZURI- Oriental female

(voices)-EMKON- Yeti male. ‘THE TWINS’- Mutant Greys Male/female COMMANDER RECIUS-Grey male. THE GREYLORD- Female or male.

Now it’s time to get organised Ian- There’s a scary concept!


A Winter full of shorts (stories that is!)


So this is a sequel to last summer’s extravaganza, where I listed a bunch of stories and where I sent them. Nearly all were rejected and I’m still waiting to hear back from HEARTS KISS about Making the First Move and By the Lights of the Silvery Moons.

I’m still fishing for that elusive, slippery First Commission, wriggling like a fish, if you get the imagery. I have been through and dusted off a few tales and sent them out into the ether, hoping for a response, a bit like the search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, there’s no sign yet, but I’m still hopeful!

So what’s out this glorious Mid-winter’s day then? Well, The Last Christmas of Planet Earth went to ALBEDO 1, Time of the Centuroids was submitted to FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION, Terror of the Centuroids, to HARD UNIVERSE, I have sent The Band of Firebrothers to GALAXY’S EDGE, The Beckoning Call to ORSON SCOTT CARD’S INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW and SID The RoboDetective to ESCAPE POD, and finally Arachnicide was brushed off and sent to AMAZING STORIES. My one new story– I Slept Through the Apocalypse, based on Grey Dominion, I have submitted to ANALOG Magazine.

So there you have it. Ten stories and there are another six that need editing/revising and then it’s trying to finish the next dozen or so I have begun. And Tiglet might be getting a few new tales as well. So I’m looking for a breakthrough, anyway possible.

And that’s all from the Literary Front. If you’re interested in reading any of my published stories, both A Riot in the Library and Inquisition were relegated to being online by the University of Liverpool in 2015 while Incineration Day was included in Epic Anthology in 2014 and the Case of the Missing Mince Pies in the Chester Writers Anthology in 2017. All are listed on my Linked In page-





HAVEN’T I BEEN HERE BEFORE?- Another walk round Halton Castle

tvp1.jpgYes, it’s that time of year again when I go for a little jaunt up the hill to walk round the ruins of Halton Castle and take a view over the River Mersey.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been up there over the years, but I have never been inside. My Mum did, when she researched her Historical Novels, but I’ve never managed it- so something to do differently for next time I think!

Seeing the new Mersey Gateway Bridge for the first time was different, even tried getting a couple of shots of both bridges- check out the Facebook photos.

At least it was a nice sunny day to kick off the new term!

The photos-

The Video- 

A short history lesson- listen up at the back!-

And back round again!



And even an entry on the old Hiking website-