Anything can happen Tuesday- Scouse Drama and Dessert in Liverpool

17 Nov

anything-can-happen-tuesdays-1Anything Can Happen Tuesday seems to be turning into a reluctant/if I’m only bothered thing, not the epic hiking/trying new things and going new places originally envisaged back in September. That’s my own fault, I readily admit. I guess I have recently realised that I am stuck in a rut and nothing’s really changing. It’s not for lack of trying though; I just seem to be hitting a brick wall whichever way I turn.

One thing that is happening is when I go to Liverpool Network Theatre workshops and anything does happen, whether it’s pretending to be unruly 5 year olds at the dinner table, or in this case, trying and failing to do a reading of Boys from the Black Stuff and totally failing to do even a passable scouse accent. You’d have thought spending most of my time in Liverpool, even living there for 5 years, studying and occasionally working in the city, I’d have been able to master it. NOPE, nada, nothing going, bottom of the Class and sounding mostly brummie. Great, not the effect I was going for!

Actually, my own lineage and upbringing might have something to do with it. Dad from Widnes and Mum from Birmingham. Born in Whiston, part of Merseyside, but used to be Lancashire, A Woolyback with Irish and Welsh ancestry (and maybe a bit of Scots but not gone that far back yet, that was just a theory of my Mum’s I think) and some vocal training and Speech Therapy for eight years. But then, hold on Mr. M, what about all the puppetry I’ve been doing? The Tiglet Show had a dozen characters and Dr. Rrr and so on have all stretched my capabilities somewhat.

Anyhoo, accents I do need to work on, Professor Von Ool and Doc Bear will be featured more in Dr Rrr series 2. I can’t do a female voice for toffee, so need to ask some of my Actor friends if they want to do that (also Female Daleks/Zauria, 12thTimelady Dr and other characters I may think of) But I will make a bit more effort (or effat, Laaa!) and see if it is something I could master. (Or just give up on!)

Oh, and what about Dessert? Yes, went to the pub and got a strawberry Cone, very nice indeed, thank you for asking!





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