Anime 101- Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

13 Nov


“There is a wild fire inside you, burning desire you can’t extinguish

Your crimson arrow rips through the twilight; this is the moment for war!”

Guren No Yumiya- Attack on Titan theme- Linked Horizon/Hiroyuki Sawano- English lyrics by Ama Lee

I can’t believe how much the Anime Attack on Titan has smashed its way into my life and grabbed my imagination over the last few months.

I’ve been aware of it for some time, but after a friend cosplayed the Colossal Titan, I watched the whole First Series, in a week. It also helped that I got into the soundtrack at the same time, and bought the first issue of the manga.

“The Peaceful times are what make us blind”- Reluctant Heroes- Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI

I thought the jackets were reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica, but this ain’t any Space Opera but a dystopian tale of a Human city under siege by people-eating giants called Titans.

“You can’t hide yourself, you can’t run, we’re fighting for our lives and we just cannot lose again. There’s not much time, be ready to fight. Do it!”- DOA- Hiroyuki Sawano and Aimee Blackschleger

When young Eren Jaeger witnesses his mother being eaten, he escapes with friends Mikasa and Armin and swears revenge. He trains hard and graduates with a number of others just in time to witness a Colossal Titan break through another wall.




In a shocking twist,


(You’ve been told once, last chance to turn back before the spoiler- LAST WARNING!!!)


Eren somehow manages to transform himself into a Titan and begins his mission of vengeance. (I did warn you twice you know!) This shocking Revelation has far-reaching repercussions for both civilian and military castes of the city, culminating in a truly shocking finale.

“One on the right, two on the left.” “Captain, the reinforcements are here Sir.” “Good, tend to our comrade below Petra. You two, take out the one to the right. The pair on the left belong to me”

Captain Levi of the Survey Corps- Episode 9

Two of my favourite characters debut in episode 9- Captain Levi and Zoe Hange are in the Survey Corps, who go beyond the walls to fight the Titans. Levi has an amazing introduction to the tune of Reluctant Heroes while Hange is the crazy scientist who studies Titans

Levi pulls no punches, especially with Eren. His backstory is told in a spin-off called No Regrets and is an excellent intro to Levi.

“You’re sure in a talkative mood today.” “So what if I am? Doesn’t mean I was talking to you.”

Eren and Levi. Episode 24

What makes AoT work is its emotional depth, Japanese Anime is vastly different from Western Cartoons and is more mature and complex than most of what I grew up with, though Transformers itself was a westernised variation of Anime. This is quite action packed, brutal and graphic in its depiction of a dystopic society, the Titan threat a backdrop to the characters journeys and the political factions within the Walls.

“So you can’t fly if you never try”- Reluctant Heroes- Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI

Not really being into Manga/Anime, AoT has become something of a benchmark to measure up against. And I have watched so many, tried a lot but only stuck with a few- Owari no Seraph/Rwby/Miraculous Ladybug/Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Ai no Exorcist are current favourites, though I have watched bits of shows like Fate:Stay/Night, Fairytail, Beelzebob, Naruto and Pokemon, which always goes over my head!

“I lost my dreams, in this disaster”- Calling out Your Name- Hiroyuki Sawano, MPI and CASG

The soundtrack album is also amazing. The music of Hiroyuki Sawano is comparable to Western composers like John Williams and John Barry (yes he is THAT good!) I love Reluctant Heroes/DOA/Calling out your Name/Vogel im Kofig and all the other tracks, although I prefer the first opening theme tune, Guren no Yumiya rather than the second- Jiyuu no Tsubasa. I do hope they return to the first theme in the second series.

Overall- 10 Billion/10 Billion- yes it is that good!

Now all we need is Series Two!


“Song for the Reluctant Heroes,

Oh give me your strength,

our life is too short.

Song for the Reluctant Heroes.

I wanna be brave, like you.

From my Heart”-

Reluctant Heroes- Hiroyuki Sawano and MPI





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