Anything can happen Tuesday- NANOWRIMO not happening now

04 Nov

anything-can-happen-tuesdays-1Anything Can Happen Tuesday hasn’t really taken off the way I thought it would over the past couple of months, but amongst life’s let-downs recently I am not surprised.

I did want to make a whole song and dance number of NanoWrimo, doing something different, making it count etc etc. Redoing Tiglet’s Time Travels into a YA novel, or even adapt and expand the scripts of If Blondes Ruled the World or Visitations were all considered, but once again life has conspired to deflect me(or I’ve let myself be deflected might be more apt) and I’ve gone off on a short story tangent. I’ve actually got half a dozen stories out this week, as well as edit and post a number of videos- Big Geek Meet Manchester with the Ghostbusters theme or Dinosaurs on the Wirral with Jurassic Park theme are tied as my current faves.

Anyway- upshot is, back in school Monday and I’ve started squat, so looks like I’m gonna be nano-less this month. I think to make up for it I will work on another half dozen stories- good news is five are in first draft form and just need tweaking/re-editing.

So, instead of National Novel Writing Month, I guess for me it’ll be Intergalactic Short Story editing/tweaking Month!

I’ve got 25 days to get it done, might happen, we’ll have to see!





One response to “Anything can happen Tuesday- NANOWRIMO not happening now

  1. iancaimercer

    November 4, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    Reblogged this on Mr. Tiglet's Blog and commented:

    Tiglet’s novel still hasn’t been done yet!!


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