AN EPIC JOURNEY- Two Years later

24 Oct

Sometimes things do not go as you would expect them to, life has a way of throwing a curveball every now and again.

The journey of bringing the EPIC! Anthology to publication is one such tale.

epic 4

So began the intro to my First ever Anthology Publication back in 2014. So, two years later, how is it going?? Well, not that well I think. I haven’t checked Amazon or the Facebook page to see how it’s going, so that’s something to do. I think it’s been a bit quiet because a few of the same Writers submitted stories for a semi-sequel ‘Courage’ which should have been published last year, but as far as I know has not materialised yet. Weirdly enough, my story- The Last Christmas of Planet Earth, featured an Alien Invasion of Liverpool with Alien Clowns, a bit disturbing with all the nonsense of idiots dressed up trying to scare people, though in one case it backfired when one got hit with a bottle- very disturbing indeed.

I’ve had a look and even though Omni reboot took down By the Lights of the Silvery Moons (because their Archives only last a year!) the other stories are still available to read and download.

So, here’s to EPIC! The Anthology-

And here’s A Riot in the Library in Autumn 2015 P. 57-62 (Even though I have just discovered the University has taken it down- typical!-


And Inquisition in Censorship magazine-

And An Adventure Beyond the Rabbit Hole on Bucket List Publications-

epic cover


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