Chester Comic Con and Superdab Sunday

01 Oct

Yet Another Comic Book Convention last weekend, maybe the last in a while as I have fallen way behind on other stuff and not quite enjoying it as much as I used to. Maybe I just need a break from the whole scene.

One hilarious thing was that I went dressed as Clark Kent, so went round interviewing people for the Daily Planet. Should have planned it more, but got interviews with Jon Snow, The Riddler, Batman, err- Superman (twice) and even a Stormtrooper! Very surreal experience.

I had also taken the plunge and registered for the Cosplay Competition, another first, though it’s the third time I have done it, following Moe Moe Con and Liverpool Anime Can.

I tell you what though, having a cape made it different, though with the wind it wouldn’t behave itself, flapping everywhere. I guess I should be used to things not turning out the way I’d hoped. Still fun to do though. And I even invented a new-Ish move- THE SUPERDAB!

All I need to do is edit everything into some-kind of video and then hang my cape up until something else comes along-






Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane/ Nope- it’s Superdab!


Thanks to Rob, Jonathan and Naomi for the photos and video!



One response to “Chester Comic Con and Superdab Sunday

  1. iancaimercer

    October 1, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Reblogged this on Mr. Tiglet's Blog and commented:

    When’s Super Tiglet going to save the day eh??


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