The kind of week it’s been

09 Sep

yeah, one of those, down but not out. Disillusioned but still hopeful, broke but full of beans!!

Ah, I suppose the Summer euphoria had to evaporate at some point, I’m still plodding along, trying to get things done, killing of a Companion in the last Infinite Whoniverses story and trying to reorganise pictures and stuff. It’s the ‘First Week Back’ blues, though It was only three days, felt like more.

Anyway, got a few more scenarios for DR. RRR! and the prospect of actually finishing the fourth series of IW. Tori is leaving, but I knew that, was going to write her out ages ago, but the little Trans-dimensional Demi-Goddess grew on me. Regenerating the NeoDoctor wasn’t as hard as the scene I finished today, as it was difficult to do. I am still not sure when the final story will be posted, but the end is written, the start too, and a bit in the middle and I think the final links between them will be done soon. One thing that I haven’t done is revise Tiglet’s Travel website, as I was going to do round the time of the Bloggerversary, but life got in the way, as usual.

So, lots to do, so let’s get cracking!his last bow


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