What to do on my last day off???

05 Sep

keep-calm-because-anything-can-happen-1So, I went into school today, as I knew that it’s my sixth year working there, thinking, oh great, sit through another lecture another ‘Staff training day’ as I had made a note in my dairy at the end of term, way, way back in July. Anyway, turns out it was just for Managers and I didn’t have to go in! DOH!!

So today, been doodling, looking at videos I’ve edited and thinking- what on Earth am I going to do on my last day off on Tuesday??? It’s a mystery- It’s Anything Can Happen Tuesday!!

I could stay in, watch a bit more Anime (after binging on Titan/Kabaneri/Ladybug/blue exorcist/naruto/Seraph and bits of others all summer??) Or watch the whole of series 3 of Game of Thrones again? (Because the IW Xmas special is a Who/Thrones crossover and I really, really need to light a fire underneath it!) Even scribble a bit more on each of the four short stories with upcoming deadlines in the next few weeks?

I could even finish the so-called Summer Special Timedalek Invasion of Liverpool, because I wrote the Regeneration scene on the bus home from New Brighton last week. The Pandoriatrix speech I recorded on the beach forms the middle and I’ve started the, er, start, so it’s just linking them all together!

I have lots of editing to do too. The next episode of Dr. Rrr I’ve filmed bits of in various locations over the summer.(Mainly St. Johns Gardens because of the number of times I’ve passed through that place!)

Or, just to get it out the way, I could light a fire underneath my reviews of Harry Potter or Attack on Titan, or Ladybug, or Kabaneri or even a film maybe?

Hey, here’s a revolutionary thought- Go out! Yay! Weather’s looking good- Go Rhyl, Southport, West Kirby- go out to Hilbre Island? Llangollen, Moel Famau, or even out to Delamere, do a bit more of the Sandstone Trail, oooo, so many possibilities!

What I should do is go through the pros and cons of each activity, or just write on bits of paper, shuffle and pick out at random. Maybe even just step out the door, pick a direction and just see where the wind will take me!

WHATEVER I end up doing, I’m sure it’ll be FUN!

Look out it’s Anything can happen Tuesday- coming soon!!





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    so many choices!


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