THE 45th Infinite WHOniverse Adventure- The Timelady Doctor Vs Obliterator Master!

29 Aug

the 45th Infinite Whoniverse Adventure!!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

iw mastermind1bIt’s been an interesting journey through the Infinite Multiverses through my own Fan Fiction series The Infinite Whoniverses. Although it’s been a bit of a slog getting stories finished, the finale is a week behind schedule, no surprise there!

In the meantime, I’m wrapping up Series 4 in order to get a few original stories finished and submitted, so there is plenty to do, and as usual not enough time to get it all done. I really need to get my priorities sorted don’t I (rhetorical question, don’t bother answering!)

I think I said somewhere in Season 9 reviews that Moffat Exceeded Expectations with the evolution of the new doctor, Capaldi made his mark with the ‘I am The Doctor and I save people’ speech (and also a couple of episodes later with the Zygon war speech) something I was hoping to replicate with the 14th NeoDoctor’s Pandoriatrix speech…

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