Nothing interesting happened here today

24 Jul

CnKlJGwXEAAg6TyWell, I think so, honest!

Anyway, School’s out and the Summer is here, so there’s a little interesting nugget for you! How do you define ‘interesting’ anyway? Depends on your perspective I suppose. And I do have a very broad perspective, even if I do say so myself.

I know there has been a lamentable and deplorable lack of updates/reviews/travels/events and other stuff (apart from IW- which has two episodes to go!) So this summer I’ll be catching up and preparing for my 6th Bloggerversary!!!

Yep- that’s right, six years I’ve been doing this, so it’s time to get organised and have a revamp, a change, something new, a bit of re-branding maybe.

I was hoping to go to Wales, but catching a cold and snivelling all over the place kicked that plan out of the stratosphere. I had googled ‘how to get over a cold in 24 hours’, but it’s been nearly four days, so I guess that plan didn’t work either!

I have had an interesting Term though. Forest School turned out really well, managed to trim the nettles and other stuff back, clear out algae and help out the Newt Tadpoles in the Pond area. Gave up on Craftwork, which never turned out the way those lying videos on Youtube demonstrated! (Tigcraft disappeared after Mother’s day, which was depressing for the usual reasons.) Had a brilliant time at the School Play, which was Bugsy Malone and one of the best plays I have seen in a while. Then had a farewell bbq for Mrs Walters, the best Headteacher ever and taking a long break now before Year Six starts in September!

So, getting things done, not moping around, even though I spent 2 hours at the drop-in centre today waiting to get eye cream for my newest malady, a stie/conjunctivitis- eye infection, and I’ve got a coldsore now too, I guess having a cold in summer sucks, like the vampire lemon that sucks back! (Thanks to Terry Pratchett for that lovely imagery!)

Anyway, lots to do and six weeks to go!

Look out, something Interesting’s about to happen!!





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