The Mona Lisa Twins- California Dreaming

24 Jun

Mona lisa twins at bw16I have to admit that when I was a Student, I never really spent much time down in the Cavern Quarter on Mathew Street, the birthplace of the Beatles and where many, many bands have played over the years.

It might be hard to believe, with all the videos I’ve made of The Mona Lisa Twins, a few other bands and Beatleweek last summer, plus all the footage that didn’t get edited or shared on Youtube or Facebook or the blog.

Last summer I did let my inner Beatlemaniac out into the street to play, as well as getting into a 60’s groove, though I know I really need to get a new record player, get Hard Day’s Night and the best of the Beachboys down from the loft and repair a few scratches, oh yes- Vinyl will come back soon!

In the meantime- this short, three track album gives a taste of the Twins from their early-pre-Cavern days

“If you’re going to San Francisco, you’re going to meet some gentle people there. ”

San Francisco is a great opener, a fantastic harmony and gentle rhythm, a classic cover of the song by Scott Mackensie.


“All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.”

California Dreamin’ is another favourite, and the reason I got this, as I was interested to listen to the Twins take on this classic Mamas an’ Papas song, as it too was featured on the soundtrack to Forrest Gump.


“This could be Heaven, or this could be Hell”

For some reason, I thought this had been on the soundtrack for Forrest Gump, but I was wrong. Hotel California has a haunted feel to it. A spooky quality, a creepiness like an episode of the X-Files or Supernatural.


California Dreaming is available from the Mona Lisa Twins Website-


And the videos are on their Youtube Channel-

And of course there’s Beatleweek 2016 to look forward to-

See you there!



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