Last of the Cyber-Timelords- the Story of the CyberDoctor!

13 Jun

The Cyber Doctor is Back!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

IW-LAST OF CYBERTIMELORDS COVERHere’s another story I have wanted to do ever since the end of the First Series of Infinite Whoniverses back in 2014, continuing the story of the Cyber Doctor (Matt Smith as a Cyberman-yikes!) I guess it’s one of those questions- what would The Doctor be like as a Cyberman? Well, here’s my take anyway!

I think I got the idea from the Five Doctors, whether it’s from the original transmission, watching it on UK Gold or even VideoTape or DVD, I can’t remember. But what if the Cybermen had succeeded in conquering Gallifrey through their involvement in the Game of Rassilon in the Death Zone? An interesting premise that needs exploring more. With me wrapping up the Cult of Davros storyline and giving NeoGallifrey more development in series 5 (maybe) Here’s a little more development of the CyberDoctor!

Last of the CyberTimelords


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