Winter has Fallen- Playing The Game of Thrones

10 May

goth6b winter has fallenGeorge RR Martin’s epic Fantasy The Game of Thrones has kept me busy, seven books, though when the Winds of Winter will be released is anybody’s guess, but going through them and watching the series on DVD has been exciting, as it is epic in many ways. The number of characters and the gruesomeness and grittiness of the world of Westeros is depicted graphically and effectively. It’s taking an epic amount of time to finish, watching Series 5 on dvd and a few episodes of Series 6 has been exciting too, It seems to be less of a case of Winter is Coming and more of Winter has Fallen.

So what’s all the fuss about? Yes it is violent, graphic and gruesome, with nudity, bad language and blood everywhere, but and this is a BIG BUT, it has a few redeeming qualities too.

Like, err, Dragons!

Okay, maybe character evolution, the most obvious of which is Tyrion, played with splendid wit by Peter Dinklage whose arrival in Mereen was a dramatic highpoint. (I’ll try and avoid spoilers if I can, suffice to say he’s in his usual predicament) The way the story is told through multiple viewpoints both in the novels and onscreen is another brilliant thing that I enjoy, something that sets it apart from the majority of other Television series.

So there it is in a nutshell, my intro to Game of Thrones, or GoTh as I like to call it!  Though I still wonder what a puppet version would look like!



One response to “Winter has Fallen- Playing The Game of Thrones

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    Game of PAWS could still happen y’know!


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