Ian’s Travelblog Adventures- Hadlow Road along the Wirral Way

22 Apr

Ian's TravelBlog Adventures!

DSCF0202Hadlow Road Train Station is a disused station perfectly preserved as a museum along the Wirral Way, which was the main line between Hooton and West Kirby, back in the day.

I stumbled upon it when I hiked along the whole of the WW back in 2012, but this was first time I got the chance to video it.

It is a nice stroll from Hooton, but took about 40 mins, rather than the 20 mins I thought it would take!

I did a bit of filming for the next episode of Dr Rrr! And luckily found a person who took a couple of shots of me as well, but was a nice quiet morning amble.

I couldn’t find an official website, but Neston has a section that gives all the details-

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