17 Apr

Series 4 begins!

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AFTERSHOCK- A World Without The Doctor Adventure

aftershock 4b“The Universe without The Doctor, there will be consequences.”

Madame Vashtra- The Name of the Doctor.

Spoilers- I tend to avoid them if possible, but sometimes someone says something or I accidently read a status update on Facebook or in the paper and blam! There you go, it’s inevitable, just like The Doctor turning up to save the day.

What If he didn’t?

I’ve been writing Infinite Whoniverses for a year and half and one of the best ideas was to take the Doc out of the equation, really cranking up the lever into overdrive on AWWOTD. Each story so far has been either a slight tweak or a major wrench by removing his influence/arrival from a TV story.

First the ‘Robots of Death’ became ROBOT REVOLUTION, then ‘City of Death’ became SAVIOUR OF THE JAGAROTH, both Fourth Doctor tales. The Tenth Doctor…

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