My Great Welsh Escape- A Hot Day’s Hike

07 Jan

river teifi

river teifi


I’ve never been a great student. Most courses I’ve been on I have scraped through or failed. I dropped out of my Degree at Liverpool University and went into Childcare and Youthwork.

So when I went for an interview for a Media MA at Lampeter University in 2006, I took a walk the day before to try and figure out why I was going for it.

Lampeter is a small town settled snugly at the bottom of the Cambrian mountain range in Wales, not far from Cardigan Bay.

It was the hottest day of the year, so took a Medium-sized bottle of water and a few snacks. I headed up a quiet country lane, keeping to the treeline as much as possible. It ran parallel to the River Teifi, so it was nice to hear it burbling away as I walked.

I did, somehow, get through my water bottle quite fast. I even splashed water from the river’s edge on my face and neck to stay cool, as well as keep to the shade, but that helped only a bit.

Well, thank goodness I reached the small village of Llanfair Clydogau. I restocked on supplies and got out of the heat in the village shop, taking a break before heading back.

On the way out of the village, I took one of the best photos ever standing on a bridge overlooking the River Teifi. Magnificent!

Then, revitalised, I strode back into town along the B4343, going into a supermarket and standing under the cool, refreshing air conditioning for something like five minutes. What a strange sight that must have been!

I did go into the University, spoke with the Course Director and signed up for the jobshop, not that it helped, as I chickened out and went back to Liverpool to do a Scriptwriting course at the Continuing Education centre.

It was though, an exciting few days exploring a nice corner of Wales.


I submitted this article to Reader’s Digest last summer, but never heard anything in reply, so decided to finally include it here, as it was a brilliant walk that should be revisited again at some point, just not on a scorching day!


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