23 Sep

The debut of the 11th Timelady Doctor- and a sneak peek at what’s to come in Infinite Whoniverses Series 4!

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Here is yet another Milestone in the journey, as a year has passed since INFINITE WHONIVERSES begun and it has gone from strength to strength, so here is where Doctors Collide, The 14th NeoGallifreyan version meeting the New 11th Timelady version.

WOW! It is an idea I’ve had for a very long time, combining two running storylines, though I had a problem I identified back in February- Who was going to portray the 11th TimeLady Doctor???

IW 1

When I wrote Enemies of the Timeladies back in March and made the video, I thought about Regenerating the 10th, as featuring Jacklyn Black’s Cosplays had been a bonus, but I wanted to have someone I knew in the ‘role’, so that I could get some action poses and dialogue for the new Trailer (which didn’t happen, but now it’s gonna be for the Fourth Series in December!)


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