A study in Megalomania-

20 Sep

After last nights debut for Series 9- ‘The Magicians Apprentice’ this is still so relevant!

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I already said back in April 2011’s ‘Inspiration of the Daleks’ that while the Daleks are described as ‘evil’, they cannot help it because they were programmed that way.  It is Davros who is the source of that evil; his choices throughout Genesis of the Daleks all the way to Journeys End bear that out.  Davros is too consumed by madness and hatred to accept the Doctor’s offer of help, Because Davros is a mirror of that quintessential thug Hitler.

Even after seeing Genesis of The Daleks (GOTD) over a dozen times, I still get tingles up my spine from the opening scene.  The Timelord-In-Black is a master manipulator, using The Doctor’s concerns about the Daleks to talk him into interfering in Dalek development, actually meeting at the end of the Kaled-Thal war in the wastelands.

The first two episodes also introduce the First Dalek and Davros, whose…

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