17 Sep

Drr RRR! In Mission Dalek!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog

HEAR ME ROAR COVERIt’s been a crazy week at Mercer Central, as I’ve had to prepare for two interviews yesterday and trying to get my head around Craft activities, which isn’t something I’m very good at, but have to do unfortunately.

I wanted to make something for the Doctor Who Mission Dalek competition in the summer, but as usual was too busy juggling other things, hiking, working, making videos, going to Beatleweek/Mona Lisa Twins, looking after Nephews and so on, that it didn’t happen.

a Message for Missy cover

Strangely enough, Term starting again gave me the impetus to record GRAILQUEST COVERsome basic Puppetry and add all the effects and clips from the website, not knowing that the deadline was the start of September and they had taken all the effects off the website (Usual silly bureaucracy!)

But I persevered anyway and the three videos has taken me to the goal of 200, another Milestone!

The story version fleshes…

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