Infinite Whoniverses Series 3-

23 Aug

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obliterate exterminate 2This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses is the fifth story of the Timewar Series, now renamed as THE OMNIWARS! Following the seven-part mini epic of TRIUMPH OF THE DALEKS from Season 1 and PANDORIATRIX UNLEASHED/LAST OF THE TIMELADIES 3 from Season 2 and The LESSER OF TWO EVILS featuring The War Doctor, this takes place after the Daleks and Centuroids are banished out of the NeoGallifreyan Reality and back into the CyberDoctor’s realm (See Triumph of the Daleks episodes 6 and 7 for full details)

I’ve had the ending; well the epilogue at least, worked out for ages, but getting there has taken a while.

A Timewar is a Temporal conflagration, or a collision between parallel worlds. Simon Hawkes dozen novels from the 80’s/90’s used that exact scenario as the plotline. There were other stories, Lin Carter’s Timewar novel, the Transformers Timewar issues and even…

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