Mona Lisa Twins @ The Cavern Club, Liverpool- 08/08/2015

13 Aug

MONA LISA TWINS 2 COVERBeatlemania is the order of the day as I’m getting into my 60’s stride- Surfin’ USA in L1!

I know that’s the Beach Boys, as featured on their Greatest Hits LP, but the Mona Lisa Twins have played their songs too!

The air-conditioning was on this time, a month after my first descent into the depths of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, good job too as finding a place to park and film wasn’t easy, especially with tall people stood at the front! Nevertheless, I made do, must ask Mr. Q if he has got anything from his Spidey days I could use to shimmy up the walls in future.

Johnny B Goode was another favourite, an excellent performance, especially Lisa’s instrumental break/solo- her fingers danced along the guitar. I couldn’t help think what if she did a Marty McFly and go off on a Van Halen tangent? (As featured in Back to the Future) but she didn’t do that.

Ian and the Swingin’ Blue Jeans may sound like a band from some bizarre Alternate Universe, but James taking Lead vocals for Hippy Hippy Shake was good, though my camera-shaking-a-la-JJ Abrams/Star Trek style may have been a bit much!

This Boy was a brilliant rendition of one of my Favourite Beatles tracks (along with Yellow Submarine/She’s got a Ticket to Ride/Nowhere Man and so on)

People are Strange was another stand out- especially when the ladies stepped back and gave the boys- James and Jake a chance to do a Drum N’ Bass solo.

So, I made six mini-videos of the last set, Revolution being another mini-one and other excerpts cobbled together because my wrist was aching!

So another brilliant night off the Mona Lisa Twins, though they went and played Make Me Smile with Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebels on Sunday in front of 10k people, which is funny when you consider there was only a couple of hundred in the Cavern.

So, what’s next? Well, I’ve yet to see The Shakers, but I’m looking forward to International Beatle Week at the end of the month. Goodness gracious me, where’s the Summer gone to already??


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