Ian’s Travelblog Adventures- Soaring with the Eagles/Falcons/Buzzards

12 Aug

ITA- eagle2It was a strange day indeed when I set off in a huff, frustrated and fed up on Wednesday fifth of August, down the Sandstone Trail and then up the Eddisbury Way. The surprise flight of two Birds of Prey left me speechless, some great footage and a determination to try and get some better pictures.

So I did just that, scrambling through an overgrown path, well- non-existent path around Newton on Saturday Eighth of August and skirting the edge of the village of Kingsley to see not just two, but three Birds of Prey, which I spent about ten minutes filming.

Okay, I admit I don’t really know what species they were. My Wildlife handbook had pictures and descriptions that made me think they were Eagles- specifically the wingspan and shape of the wingtips, although Buzzards have similar wingtips. A book from the Library said there are Goshawks in Delamere, but this was just outside, on the northern edge. I have heard similar calls from the River Weaver and Pex Hill last year, but this trio may be Peregrine Falcons, Maybe.


It was a Close Encounter of the Accipitridae or Falconidae kind, just not sure which one!



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    The Falcons/Buzzards are soaring!


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