Bye bye Holidays- blink and you’ll miss ‘em!!

09 Aug

My head’s been buzzing like a million Bees at a Bee convention; even a second coffee on a Sunday afternoon has made only a few leave.

It’s been an insane week at Mercer Central; my supposed holiday has gone in the blink of an eye as I’ve had my Nephew’s round every-single-day. I had such a bad case of cabin fever on Wednesday I had to get away for a few hours.

That was a Trek unlike any ever before, as my bus pass was on its final day and I’d been planning on going to Wales, well, that plan had been exterminated faster than a Draconian fleet facing Daleks.

Anyway, instead of going Walton Hall Gardens or doing something simple, I made a start on the Sandstone Trail, a Megahike if ever there was.

I got partway round and decided to join the Eddisbury Way, which is when things got REALLY interesting and saw The Eagles/Buzzards/whatever for the first time.

Hiking in the rain is not that much fun, so skipped the rest and spent next couple of days watching and playing Star Wars-the films/Lego shorts/ Monopoly/ Battlefront 2/Lord of the Rings Chess/Uno/Frustration and Doctor Who Frustration with my Nephews (By using daleks and the set in the new Panini version of Doctor Who Adventures)

Saturday I was planning on seeing the MonaLisa Twins in Liverpool, but thought if I did that bit of the Eddisbury Way I missed, that would be great, little did I know it would turn into an Ordeal. There is something about giving up and turning back when it gets too much, but little old tenacious me decided to press on, even when the path became overgrown and I got my legs scratched and lacerated by thistles/nettles/thorns and goddess knows what else.

BUT, seeing the Eagles again more than made up for it, even though the battery on my camera ran out, so missed a few stunning views on the way to Helsby.

Seeing Mona Lisa Twins was enjoyable, they even played three of my favourite 60’s songs- This Boy (my fave Beatles track!) Jonny B Goode and the Hippy Hippy Shake, so that was amazing, but I was absolutely shattered and hungry, so today’s been recovering and trying to figure out what’s next- I’ve got three milestones coming up- the fifth Bloggerversary/Facebook double bill and Fifth Anniversary of my Job as a Playworker, since after ten years of applying for Media jobs, it was the only offer I had so took it! Didn’t think I’d last that long in Education, but I have! Who’d have thunk it eh?

There are still a bunch of reviews and stories to write, half a dozen videos to take me a little bit closer to the 200 mark, so those might get started on this week. ITA needs updating and Tiglet’s been walking and posing so that’s a start.

Happy Holidays- Blink and it’ll be gone faster than the Millennium Falcon on the Kessel run. Is it me or I have I overdosed on Star Wars this week??

Anyway, I think I’ve finally woken up- at 6.23PM! Think I’ll have a cup of tea!

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