Ian’s End of Term Report- (B-)

20 Jul

School’s out- Here comes summer baby!!!

Ian's TravelBlog Adventures!

ITA- END OF TERM SUNSETI never thought I’d make it to the end of the School year. In February I was so convinced I’d get a local Playwork job that I nearly handed in my Notices for both Mid-Day and Afterschool, but only went through with quitting Mid-day. Honestly, the only interview I’ve had in a year and a half and I was gutted I didn’t get it. How many CV’s and pitches have I made and not see anything out of any of it??? I could rant on all night about that one, but think I should rather concentrate on what I have achieved, like filming the Solar Eclipse, dusting off my old Early Years skills from Surestart to keep track of three-year olds and getting involved in the school play, Forest School and Year 1.

It’s all been helpful, especially after losing Marjorie. So I’ve been all over the place on an…

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