Mona Lisa Twins @ The Cavern Club, Liverpool

15 Jul

MLT CoverLiverpool is the place where it’s all happening this summer, well, if you like music by and inspired by The Beatles that is!



I first heard of MLT from their manager Tim Quinn at Mersey Comic Con, but as usual took ages to get myself organised and down into the depths of Moria, Sorry- Matthew Street and into the hot, scorching, furnace of the CAVERN CLUB!!

It was a great night, the first act was a guy called Ronny who performed an acoustic version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody- a very interesting interpretation. He also did Imagine and Wonderwall.

It was tough to find a seat; I parked myself on the floor with a pint until some kind person passed a stool to sit on. And it was off to one side, which wasn’t the best angle, but I made do.

Tim stood in the way while they were playing ‘Can’t buy me love’, so I made an intro of it on the video. Tiglet also posed with a pint (the second of the day!)

I had a bottle of water, but I think a bucket of ice might be in order for future visits. The set included ‘You can drive my car’, ‘Can’t buy me love’, ‘When I saw her standing there’ and finishing with ‘Talkin’ bout my Generation’, during which I moved to the centre and noticed a mosaic of bands, one of which seemed to be ‘Ian’! Looking more carefully it actually says ‘Ian and the Zodiacs’, but there’s a nice name for a band anyway.

Made a bit of a mistake on the video (what, only one??) at the end when I state they’re on at the Cavern every Saturday night at 7, though their tour schedule on the website contradicts that claim!


So check out their website for Tour details and albums, they’re playing one more time at the Cavern in July and then off on a UK tour, so it looks like The Shakers are the next band to see. Though I am really looking forward to International Beatle Week at the end of August, so that’s something.

MLT can be found at-

and on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Details of International Beatles Week and performing bands at the Cavern-


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