SPIRITUALITY 101- Restoring Balance to the Force

01 Jul

What’s your excuse Tiglet??

Iancaimercer's Blog

(AKA- Unleashing your Inner Yoda!)

If I was French, I’d be sorted. They have a thing called Equilibre, which does what it says on the tin, going beyond a work/life balance to create total harmony in mind/body/soul.

Okay, I’ve been looking through my notes and thought that would make a nice intro, ‘How to keep your Inner Cool’ and Unleashing the Yoda within’ could’ve been up there too!

Is it a Summer thing or Phase I go through? I’ve noticed it after the last few years that I have occasionally referred to something a bit spiritual, or a bit religious. After I gave it up in 2010, only going through my Mum’s work and material and going back to church at Christmas (or Xmas/Saturnalia, whatever your preference!) I found myself up on Helsby Hill in August 2012 and mulling things over. There’s a recipe for disaster right there, y’know…

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