MERSEY COMIC CON 2015- 30/05/2015

18 Jun
Cowboy Trooper!

Cowboy Trooper

I felt a definite buzz at the end of May as I headed into Liverpool for my first ever Comic Book Convention.


It helped that it was held in the Mountford Hall of the Guild of Students building for the University of Liverpool, a place I spent way too much time hanging around in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I even worked in the Guild several times, doing concerts and events like Time Tunnel and Double Vision.



Anyway, I’ve had two short stories accepted by University-related presses. ‘A Riot in the Library’ will be part of the SUMMER 2015 Anthology, while The PEN Society has included ‘Inquisition’ in its Anthology entitled ‘CENSORSHIP’. While I have read the online edition, I went back to the Guild earlier in the week to get a paper copy, and took a wander round as it’s changed and been revamped, so it was a nice Nostalgia trip.

Anyway, greeted outside by a group of Stormtroopers, Bounty Hunters and TWO Darth Vader’s, it was a short wait, but I will certainly pre-book advance tickets next time!

DSCF3060I took along my copy of Epic Anthology, a TimeDalek, Centuroid, copies of my Biog and Tiglet, who took over and posed for pictures with different characters and even Humans.

I somehow managed to get roped into the Indie Authors stall when I just wanted to drop my things off and wander round my old hangouts. I did give out a few sweets, a few tickets for the Tombola for Alder Hey chat to people, Tiglet even had an impromptu interview with KS Marsden!


And the Cosplay Competition was good too, with some imaginative costumes, though the Boba Chicken/Duck Fett was the most bizarre, I’m glad Ghostbuster-guy and Gabby were amongst the winners.


So a good day out and it will be back in November for Mersey Comic Con 2!





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    Tiglet at Mersey Comic Con- yay!


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