THE TURN OF THE EARTH- Eccleston makes his mark.

15 Jun

turn of the earth

I’ve been thinking of doing something different with the blog for a while now, get away from IW stories, reviews, Tig’s shenanigans and be controversial, rant a bit, but this speech is when I knew the New Doctor Who reboot would work.

It not only establishes the 9th Doctor (or 10th with John Hurts War Doctor), it sends a tingle slithering up your spine and for a moment, one glorious moment, you CAN feel it, the Earth does turn beneath your feet. I loved it and seeing it on Jym Lawrence’s page on Facebook yesterday, knew I had to share it, so cheers Jym for another amazing Who photo!

The way I like to think of it is this-

It’s 9.30AM Monday Morning in Widnes, UK- GMT. But in Australia or New Zealand it’s about 11/12 hours ahead? So that’s what? Monday Night 8.30 PM Pacific time?

And how about in the opposite direction? In New York it’s 5 hours’ time difference, so it’s about 4AM Monday Morning, good grief that’s early!

But further west, in Los Angeles it’s 11 hours behind GMT, so it’s 8PM SUNDAY NIGHT! Golly, that’s amazing and I’ve only just had my first coffee of the day!

So, wherever you are on the skin of this little world, Good day to you, don’t get dizzy as we spin through space, just hold on tight and don’t let go!!!


2 responses to “THE TURN OF THE EARTH- Eccleston makes his mark.

  1. iancaimercer

    June 15, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Reblogged this on Mr. Tiglet's Blog.


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