Infinite Whoniverses May Bank Holiday Special-

25 May

The Last Great Timewar- featuring the Centuroids!

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IW TW2 lesser of two evils 3

This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses is actually the first to tie into the main timeline of the TV Series.

While previous adventures have spun off in different directions, this came about back in February when I saw a call for submissions for ‘SEASONS OF WAR’ a trilogy of short story books set in the Last Great Timewar of the series, featuring John Hurt as the War Doctor (or Ninth)

When I saw ‘Night of the Doctor’ on Youtube, when the Eighth regenerated into the 9th/War Doctor, I got what Moffat had been saying for months that there was ‘something everyone has missed’ but it seemed to be yet another case of him moving the goalposts. Though understandable since Christopher Eccleston didn’t want to be involved.

I actually wasn’t that keen on the 50th Anniversary Special when I…

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