INFINITE WHONIVERSES-The Enemies of the Timeladies Video!

19 Apr

The final addition to IW, time for something else now!

Mr. Tiglet's Blog


Here’s something I’ve never done before- A video version of a Doctor Who story- well, apart from Dr RRrr! That is.

Getting series 2 completed, with no budget, no money, no help made it drag out, so I am taking a big break to catch up on reviews, hikes etc. You would think both my blog and Tiglet’s story site were all about Infinite Whoniverses, well it isn’t!

I did have help for the video version from Jenny and Carly who recorded the voices, so even though I did not record everything I wanted to, I made best use of it, though that was before the story was completed.

Series 3 might be in the summer, I’ve a dozen ideas, sequels to several stories and the continuing saga of the Last of the Timeladies and the Stardis crew, so expect more epic stories soon.


I will be posting little mini-stories…

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